Since February 2019 OSPRI has been undertaking a NAIT re-registration campaign, which requires all persons in charge of animals (PICAs) to re-register their NAIT locations (farm or property), declare the livestock they have and update their contact details. 

NAIT users now use an interactive map to register a NAIT location. This has been developed in response to recommendations made under the NAIT review and feedback from NAIT users.

It is a legal requirement that everyone who owns cattle or deer, even if they own only one animal, must be registered with NAIT. This is intended to build animal traceability and support disease management and biosecurity preparedness.

OSPRI have provided a number of aids to help you to re-register including a video, a re-registration guide and FAQs.

If you own cattle or deer and are not registered with NAIT then you need to register. You can find information on how to do that here.