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Key points to avoid food poisoning in summer

Advice from NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority) Food Focus
  • Operate your fridge at a temperature between 0°-4°C
  • Place meats and perishables, ready-to-eat foods in the fridge as soon as you get them home.
  • Check use-by dates of all chilled foods. Throw away all that are out of date.
  • Leftover food should be refrigerated as soon as possible and thrown out after three days.
  • Marinate foods in the fridge and not on the bench.
  • Keep all perishable foods chilled until you are ready to serve them.
  • Keep raw and cooked foods apart in the frig to prevent contamination. Keep food covered.
  • Use separate knives etc for cutting raw and cooked food.
  • If you are walking or tramping and can't take a chilly bin, freeze perishable items like meat and use them like an ice pack to keep other foods cool for longer. A frozen loaf of bread can be used as an ice pack.
  • If you are having a party, keep the fridge free for food by cooling the drinks in a bath of ice.
  • When going on a picnic, make sure all food is well chilled before packing up. Never put warm food in the same pack as cold food. Pack cold bottles of drink in with the food as the large mass of the cold will help keep the food cold.
  • When eating outdoors, keep the food in the shade as much as possible.
  • Don't eat foods that should be chilled if they have been at room temperature for 2 hours or more.
  • Freeze party leftovers that you will eat in a day. When you want to eat them, thaw them in the fridge or microwave, not on the beach.
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