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Barbeque Bananas

from 'Murray in Kuwait (at the moment)'

Read more about Murray and his lifestyle farm

This recipe is has some real appeal - and chocolate!

Really simple:

  • Bananas (large ones are better)
  • Bar of Caramello chocolate
  • Lemon juice (optional)
  • Aluminium foil (optional)

Lay the bananas (unpeeled) on their sides (so they are like a "c") and make a cut the length of the banana and about 2/3 through. Break up the bar of chocolate, and insert pieces of the chocolate along the cut in the banana. Wrap in aluminium foil (not essential) and place bananas on BBQ. When banana is soft and chocolate melted, remove from BBQ, remove tin foil, squeeze lemon juice along the cut.

Eat from the banana skin with a narrow spoon



I am married with two children and, strange as this may seem, we live in Kuwait. I have been out there for 9 years now, and intend to return to NZ permanently in early 2002. I am able to take regular long holidays in NZ (almost always filled with farm related projects!!!) and in my absence my father looks after the property and stock, and completes the projects that I leave partially completed!!

In 1996 I was on holiday in NZ, and saw a nice-sounding block advertised in the paper. I had always dreamed of having a block of land and this seemed to fit. However, I decided that I would look around a bit more, and soon found a block that fitted my requirements even better. It was a strange shaped 13 acre block (not a rectangle!!) of flat land with a small boundary on the Cam River (my irrigation source) and a winding stream (often dry) running along another boundary. The property is very close to State Highway 1 north of Christchurch, so is only a 30 minute drive to town.

The land had no house, so I started planning my mansion. I was reasonably well advanced with plans (even having put in the resource consent application) when I received an email from my father noting that the neighbouring property was for sale. I thought about it for a very short time before deciding to put in an offer for that block as well. Upshot of that was that I ended up with another 12 acres of freehold and 4 acres of Maori leasehold land, a much longer river boundary, and a large house as well!!

On the original block I have 1000 hazel trees that were planted by my parents. They aren't growing as quickly as I would like (probably due to the clay soils), but the first nuts (just a handful) were produced in 2001. I have some gevuina trees that I am growing on a bit before planting out.

I've also planted a lot of leyland cypress and Italian alder trees for shelter, and various gums for firewood. A slowly progressing project is planting a strip of native shrubs and grasses along the river bank. To date only a few shrubs have been planted, as I'm still very much in the information collecting phase - I want to replicate local growth as much as possible.

As far as stock goes I have 10 steers, a horse and 3 ponies (two of which are pure-bred Welsh and may be bred from) of our own, another 3 horses being grazed, 45 Suffolk/Southdown ewes (and currently 35 lambs), and 10 Wiltshire ewes that I bought when I was last in NZ. I intend to gradually run down the number of Suffolk/Southdown sheep and build up the Wiltshire numbers as they are easier to care for.

As far as the recipe goes, I can't claim it as a creation of mine. It's something that I remember seen done somewhere when I was a kid, and it's stuck in my mind ever since!!! 

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