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Best Ever Outdoors Boned Leg of Lamb

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This recipe is very simple and very delicious, ideal for a warm spring evening with a bottle of a robust red wine. The lamb is cooked quickly over a barbeque or open fire with no seasoning at all.

  • 1 leg of lamb

Bone the leg of lamb. First cut round the pelvic bone and pull it out then feel for the middle bone, slit the leg above it and remove it. Do the same with the remaining shank bone. Cut along the thickest parts of the leg, either side of where the middle bone used to be. Trim off the thin end then beat the meat with a meat mallet or rolling pin (or wine bottle if desperate) to even it out.

Make sure the bbq or fire is really hot - preheat for at least 40 minutes. Put the lamb skin side down on a rack 3-4 inches above the flame. The fat will drip into the fire causing the flames to completely envelop the lamb. This is fine! Have a drink until the flames die down. Cook for 8 minutes each side or until done to your liking. At this point the lamb will look dreadful but taste delicious. Lots of bread or salads

 Bon Appetit - Kate


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