Artificial insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) in pigs is now regularly used around the world for breeding pigs. The advantage for breeders with a small number of pigs is that it avoids the costs and inconvenience of keeping a boar. It also allows pig farmers to use boars with better genetic potential than they may be able to afford to buy.

As correctly diluted semen remains viable for around 3 days, it can be collected from the boar and then dispatched by mail or courier services and used by the recipient to inseminate the sow.


  • Castrations of pigs must only be carried out by a veterinarian, using pain relief. It is an offence for anyone but a veterinarian to carry out this procedure. Failure to comply can result in a criminal conviction and fine.
  • Castration may not be necessary. Removing testicles is painful and is not normally necessary on lifestyle blocks.
  • Castrates will grow faster than gilts but not as fast as entire pigs.