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other species

Livestock & Pets : Other species

The articles below cover a number of topics about farming livestock not covered in our other sections. There are more articles in The Basics section too. If you're looking for something in particular then use the search box above. If not, then browse the article titles and see what there is to help you.  If you can't find an answer here then why not ask in our discussion forums? One of the very friendly and helpful members is sure to be able to help you.

New articles are added all the time so don't forget to check back here regularly!


For many of us our dogs are our best friends, but we all know the potential for any dog to bite and cause nasty injury.

The food requirement of deer varies hugely from one season to the next. 

Dogs and cats should be treated for worms every three months.

Zoonoses can be acquired from species other than domestic mammals

Last week, one of our lovely cats, Dave, was killed on our drive, probably by a courier van.

Dogs will eat all sort of unlikely things.  In fact, the more disgusting they are the better! 

Did you know that as a cat owner, you are legally obliged to take proper care of your cat?

 Most of us are responsible dog owners and we already meet all the requirements of the Code.

Christmas food!  It’s delicious, but there's usually a lot left over, and the scraps usually go to the family pet. 

For many of us, our dogs and cats are important members of the family and they enhance our quality of life. 

Deer farming is not for the faint-hearted.

It’s just as important to have a good understanding of how to manage your deer well and how to keep them in good health.

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