Banding question- 9 day old lamb

3 months 2 weeks ago #559471 by marty102
We just got a bottle baby a couple of days ago. He is not cut and his tail is intact. 
He is 9 days old. Is it too late for band castration and to band dock his tail?

Thank you.

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3 months 2 weeks ago #559474 by LongRidge
I suspect that you may be in the northern hemisphere rather than the southern :-) . Except for a few odd breeds that lamb all year round, our sheep lamb between May and November. In NZ it is permitted to use the rubber ring until the lamb is 90 days old, but in other parts of the world they legally have to be done much younger.
I am firmly of the opinion based on observation that ringing is kinder to the lamb if the ring is tighter, so when the lamb is older. It can also be difficult to find both testicles in a younger animal. As they get older, their ability to move the testicles out of the scrotum reduces, so it is easier to get both of them. A rig (one testicle)and a cryptorchid (both testicles remaining but no scrotum) has strong ram tendencies so will bash you around when he gets older. People have been killed by rams that are too tame.
Do you need to take the tail off? We do because we have sheep that have wooly bums, and grass that gets very lush and watery, so faecal matter sticks to the tail if it is left on or is too long. This makes them prone to getting struck by blowflies in summer and eaten alive by maggots :-( .
If you are located in the southern hemisphere, ringing now is risky for getting fly strike. As you will be feeding him 4 times daily for 2 more weeks, twice daily for 3 or 4 weeks, and once daily for the last 3 weeks or until he is 20 kg weight, you should glance at the wounds daily, and spray them with a decent flyspray if there are fly eggs or maggots in either wound or elsewhere on the body.
Good luck.

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