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4 months 2 weeks ago #559286 by ChristineAbela
If you were building a new home on a lifestyle block or doing a major renovation on an older one, what would be your "must have" features that might not apply to a home in town?  Maybe things like a mud room or lots of room for storing preserves.  

Or, if you were buying a house on a lifestyle block, what features would you be on the lookout for?


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4 months 2 weeks ago - 4 months 2 weeks ago #559287 by Hertz Donut
Replied by Hertz Donut on topic Builder wish list
We've found the house becomes a secondary consideration, it's why ours remains "renovation-pending" after 4 years here.

One thing we'd like more of is covered outdoor areas that can cater for diverse duties such as clothes drying, eating lunch without having to change out of dirty clothing, building materials staging, implement storage, animal nursing, and so on. A deck is nice, but a large, ground-level covered area would be a godsend in rough or very hot conditions. It sucks having time to work on a project but nowhere to do it due to the weather.

An area that enables someone to access bathroom facilities while carrying out tasks such as weed spraying is also handy, so someone can strip off hazmat suits etc without risking contaminating the house.

Also, your shed can never be too big. We're right around 260sqm of garages and shedding at the moment, and we're well short of what we require. Only one car is currently stored in a garage, and that's the "fun" car that rarely sees daylight.

Don't ask me, it was on its side when I got here.
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4 months 2 weeks ago #559289 by Jaybee
Replied by Jaybee on topic Builder wish list
I second the ample sheds IMO more important than the house.

A separate mud room with direct access to the laundry and a shower would be nice.

Permanent fly screens on all the windows are the only thing that keeps me sane in the summer, with the bonus they keep the mozzies out on those hot nights.

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4 months 2 weeks ago #559290 by tonybaker
Replied by tonybaker on topic Builder wish list
don't make the garage(s) part of the house, build a humongous shed, plant shelterbelts asap WITH irrigation, become fully conversant with pumps and plumbing, don't pump water from a deep well directly to the house, put it into a tank first. Buy a tractor and a rideon mower, don't buy land on a slope or hill or covered in gorse/broom, don't buy Alpacas/Llamas.....I could go on.....

5 acres, Ferguson 35X and implements, Hanmay pto shredder, BMW Z3, Countax ride on mower, chooks, Dorper and Wiltshire sheep. Bosky wood burning central heating stove and radiators. Retro caravan. Growing our own food and preserving it. Small vineyard, crap wine. :)

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4 months 1 week ago #559315 by shadeydaze
Replied by shadeydaze on topic Builder wish list
We built 2 years ago on a bare block on old river bed 
The house ... well this is our "dream" house so it's got everything that suits us. We built it around the kitchen and butler scullery (because it's not a pantry it's like a second kitchen). Washable floors (we have planking everywhere other than the lounge and bedrooms) because it makes for a much easier life. After that I wasn't bothered about anything else LOL!!
We did attach a garage although it's not really used as one it's more a store for preserves and a brewery ...although we have plans to turn one of our containers into a pub (just for us) but that's another story but you never know I might get to park a car in there one day. For now though I like I can keep my bulk storage out there and the fridge and freezers and I don't have to go outside (our last place they were in the barn and if it's raining and you want to sort tea not fun). We're also building a big workshop with a couple of open bays for machinery.

If I was buying a block with a house I'd try and find a house that doesn't need much doing to it (if it's a reno job) because as others have said it slides down the list of priorities when you've got things to do to keep the block going.

Setting the house aside and what I'd look for on a block (just the land) :

Ask first about flooding and where it happens on the land because those 100 year storms are happening every other year it seems. Ask locals about the weather if you can because that would really decide for me where I want to live or look for a piece of land that's got a bit of an elevation but not too elevated or you'll no doubt get blown away lol ! 
  • First which way it gets the sun because that would dictate what sort of house / the orientation of the house - we looked at a lot of places because we already had the rough plans for the house we wanted and some places just didn't work.
  • Power and water already to the boundary. We found some had it to a building site but we didn't want to put the house where the sellers thought it should go and it was going to cost just as much to change where it went as it would have to have taken it from the boundary to where we wanted it.
  • Good access to water for stock (and you of course) we don't have a well anymore which is the one thing I don't like but hey we have water so I'm still grateful for that - if it's got a stream running through or a water race then bonus.
  • Good soil or accepting that you're either going to need a lot of soil /compost or for growing raised beds (so still a lot of soil and compost....and learn all about composting!
  • Fencing...good fencing of some sort to begin with just so you can contain your stock even if it's one big paddock.
Thing is what suits some won't suit others- we saw loads of great pieces of land that for whatever reason didn't suit us...the one we found actually my husband was surprised I liked it ....the block itself is great but it's on a shared drive (which can cause it's own problems if you don't have neighbours who will work with you)...I got past the shared drive because I liked the block but if it had been on it's own drive then it would have been the icing on it is we get on great with our neighbours and we're around each others blocks all the time either helping out with something or just socialising but that's also something to consider.

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4 months 1 week ago - 4 months 1 week ago #559321 by Hawkspur
Replied by Hawkspur on topic Builder wish list
A clear defensible space around the house in case of wildfire.
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