Layers and broilers - housing and free ranging

9 months 2 weeks ago #558863 by Prairie
HI all,

I am looing at building a chicken coop over the winter, and wish to have both layers and meat birds. Most of the reading I have done recommends separating these two types, which is fine, but how do people do this if free ranging. At present I am considering one coop for free range meat birds, and another with a run only for the layers. What are others doing? I'd rather not have two separate yards for the birds, and it seems better to house the layers so I am not having to hunt for eggs. I would be looking at around 10-12 meat birds and maybe a similar amount of layers.



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9 months 2 weeks ago #558864 by tonybaker
the meat birds won't be doing much walking around, they just sit and eat. If you want weight gain, keep them warm and by all means throw some green feed to them but remember it's protein they need to gain muscle.

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