4-legged overstayers

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We bought a block of land over 30 ha on which we settled in November after the vendor subdivided off his house, took a year to settle due to council.
The vendor had 30 cattle on our part during that time and kept saying he’ll get rid of them several times. Nothing has happened and they’re still there six weeks after settlement. We have rung him several times and just sent him an email asking him to start paying us weekly for the cattle being on our land. He seems to come up with new excuses after we locked him out of the hay paddocks...

...that the cattle won’t go over the bridge and need to go through those paddocks (which is not our problem as he should use dogs)

...that he can’t get them booked into Silver Fern Farms, (we’ve just managed to get rid of our own cattle last week after using an agent referred by one of his stock agents)

When we bought the property we sprayed the weeds and thistles ourselves (even using a helicopter to get it under control), during the eleven months before we settled, stuff he should have done, but he’s old and we wanted to be good neighbours and help.

So the stock is still there and we can’t seem to make him realise that the land is ours now and that we should have the freedom to use it as we wish without him and his cattle getting in the way.

Anybody out there with experience in dealing with this type of situation?

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Your grazing is worth about $1 to $1.50 per day per animal plus GST if you are registered, if his animals are works ready. So $45 to $60 per week. Is that worth a disagreement ?
If so, are the animals hot-wire trained? I muster my cattle by going around them carrying an unpowered tape on a reel. It is easier to move them along if 2 people are doing it. So if I were to move them back to his place, that is how I would do it. I would advise him that I will put them into a paddock this time, but onto his lawn next time.
He does not need to send them directly to the works unless his tb status is "Works Monitored" . He could get a stock agent to sell them at a Saleyard.
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sounds like he has not come to terms with the idea that he no longer owns the land! Where stock trespasses onto someone else’s land, the occupier of that land may claim damages from the stock owner in circumstances outlined in the Impounding Act 1955. First of all you should contact the local animal control officer for advice. Is there no way you can just drive them back to his property then? I believe he would be in trouble with NAIT if he hasn't advised of them being on someone else's land.

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