Who wants to build a Freeze Dryer?

3 weeks 1 day ago - 3 weeks 1 day ago #557654 by Rritchie
If you understand the attached picture and are not technically challenged it might be good to work together on this.  These things aren't cheap.  We bought a 4-6 kg Senova/Nova a couple of years ago off of Alibaba and by the time we got it to our home it was just under $7000 NZD.  So depending on what we can source to build it, it will still be a few thousand to build something worthwhile.  Will require a PLC and an HMI and these will need to be configured for the Freeze Dryer application - this is something I can help with though.  Both the Freeze Drying process and the machine requires technical knowledge, so a learning curve to be sure.  People with some skills in fabricate, electrical, instrumentation, measurement, automation, refrigeration backgrounds would be ideal, obviously no one knows it all but working together should help us all. 
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