Really lovely tame young rooster seeking new hone

1 month 3 weeks ago #557328 by Indian Runner
Hello chicken flock lovers.
We had two eggs hatch in January, a puller and unfortunately a cockerel.
He, Spotty, has a White Sussex father and Brown Shaver mother.
He was always the mire curious chic and is absolutely tame.
My friend who fave me the eggs took him back and her rooster is fine accepting him but some of the girls pester him badly.
So I have until Saturday to find him a new home or he’ll be her weekend meal (not that much on him with 16 weeks). He currently resides in Taupaki near Kumeu.
I live in Akl and if need be I am happy to possibly travel halfway if you are too far away.
Please respond only if you intend to give him a new home, not for eating, my friend can do that.

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1 month 6 days ago #557393 by Inger
Sorry, but crossbred roosters aren't much use to poultry breeders. We do our best to keep the breeds pure, otherwise we can't pass them on down to future generations of poultry breeders.

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