Labsky training to be safe around livestock. Help urgently needed.

3 years 6 months ago #553075 by deadfox
I picked up a very pretty very smart two year old labsky form Auckland however he has never seen another animal other than dogs ( which he is fine with ) before and has not shown the best introduction to the animals here on farm.

I lease where I am and he did not put on a very good show for his introduction to the farmer who I lease off.

I had been keeping him on lead and getting him use to being around other animals but he seems very obsessed with them and will spend hours watching them out window.

I have only had him few days and he pushed past me and went right out. Normally on the lead he has been a good dog but off lead when he pushed out the door past me he went totally deaf.

He wouldn't come back and began chasing the cattle.

The cattle then started chasing him. He then proceeded to play catch the dog with farm me and his wife and even trying to get cows to chase him.

He then ran to pigs and froze with his hackles up which was different vibe then with the cattle but this maybe to the fact he has yet to ever seen a pig before but had seen cattle on lead.

The cattle chased him up down fence when he was on lead. His vibe with cattle when he got off was playful but with sure signs of him wanting to turn that play into something more.

With the cattle it seemed to be a game however I do not like how he seemed to heard smaller cattle away while playing chase the dog with bigger ones.

He is very nice dog and I can see very big potential in him however the Husky in him has made him have very strong prey drive.

He only narrowly avoided the livestock guardian dog here tearing him to pieces lucky that dog is well trained and could be called back.

I have had a city dog meet livestock before she was quite a stubborn dog who could be naughty as well but it was in context of my family's farm so I could just allow her to interact off lead and she was with another dog who had grown up since puppy around the other animals.

She did try chase our horse however horse wasn't fussed and didn't run away rather slowly walked till she nipped at horses feet and our horse turned around looked her right in the face as she barked and picked her up with its head and threw her back over the fence before continuing grazing as if it never happened.

( this horse is character in her own right and will buck people she doesn't know off once SHE is done with the ride I was tasked with feeding her but I ask for another chore because she started literally standing me over for more food. She would eat her feed bucket then corner me and keep throwing it into me and stomping her feed till I fetched her another. Only my mother her owner can make do anything everyone else she takes with grain salt and it's not worth standing up to her because she won't back down probably just kill you via her signature catapult move strangely she doesn't really bite or kick ( other then cows she kicks them if they annoy her or eat grass she deems hers just smashes everything she is displeased with her giant head and neck she's an ex racing horse that somehow had some sort of horse psychological breakthrough and realized she's actually bigger and meaner then people if she wants to be. She hasn't had to have any intervention yet because she does what my mother wants and isn't aggressive only when someone or something is bothering her / trying to force her to do something or food she is very food aggressive and will actually beat you up for an apple )

I never had problem with that dog around livestock after that however that dog was also a dog that became nervous and scared of another dog because she saw him kill possum and she never seen anything killed before.

She was a Lurcher ( greyhound x border collie ) and became dangerously obsessed with "chase the dog" this developed later on into her purposefully finding biggest meanest dogs she could and trying to antagonize them into chasing/attacking her at which she would then proceed to bolt away getting them to chase her till she would find a human to hide behind. She would also chase cats she grown up with till they would turn and chase her back. She never hurt or killed anything and actually showed a fear / dislike of seeing animals killed or in real pain it frightened her.

Her psychology was more in line with "LOook at me I am REALLY FAST and I CAN OUT rUN ANyoNE TRY!!! ComE Get ME HEhehehE".

The vibe with this dog is very different he is such lovely dog and so smart but I can just see how he looks at other animals that deep inside he wants to tear it to bits but just doesn't know how yet this is what I am trying to get out of him at all costs.

Does anyone know any trainer who can get this behaviour sorted asap and get him better control over his prey drive?

Also would a shock collar be a good training aid since this is something that is of such importance for him it really is a matter of life or death or going to be under excised cramped up in city house for rest of his life going insane.

I can afford about $1000 to have this issue addressed in him.

I plan to take him up to my mother's farm and let things cool off here and spend some time with him in an environment where I don't have to worry if he breaks free and chases our cattle because its our stock and our farm.

The animals there hold their own very well with dogs and would soon put him in his place if he where to try anything. I can actually try socialising him with animals that won't act like prey and run.

I have all time in the world to put into this dog but this prey drive / stock chasing impulse of his has to be fixed asap if I am ever able to keep him here.

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3 years 6 months ago #553076 by Kalmara
If you are in the Auckland area contact Flip -
Prey drive cannot usually be redirected but if anyone can help you, it will be Flip.

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3 years 6 months ago #553091 by Anakei
It can be done. I remember watching on TV Mark Vette rehabilitate a feral dog who had been killing livestock to survive. He did it with a citronella collar. It squirted the citronella ( which apparently dog hate) whenever the dog looked at the stock ( sheep and chickens), causing an aversion and stopping the chasing.

You will have to be honest with yourself about if you have the skills and persistence to train this dog. It may be better to cut your losses and re-home him before he does serious damage.

Urban mini farmer and guerilla gardener

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3 years 6 months ago #553108 by max2
What about buying a corohawk kennel set up? Farmsource used to sell them.

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3 years 6 months ago #553109 by max2
What about buying a corohawk kennel set up? Farmsource used to sell them.

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