Chickens- scaley leg or bumblefoot?

5 years 4 months ago #544153 by kate28
How do you tell if a chicken has scaley leg or bumblefoot? I noticed a chicken looking a bit dull yesterday with a pale comb & today she is limping and falling about when she walks. On inspection the main padded parts under her feet are swollen. I cant see any black scabs like google indicates but one foot has a bit of a minor wound further up the leg. The scales on the leg might be slightly lifted like scaley leg but certainly not to the extent it shows on google either. The chook is about 4 1/2yrs old & is a back yard special, clean bum and still eating. Is it worth treating these illnesses or is an axe the best solution? I don't really wish to be catching her everyday to do ongoing treatments but is there anything reasonably simple I could try? On hand we have aerotet spray, kopertox spray, foot rot spray, savlon, dettol.

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5 years 4 months ago #544265 by tonic
I haven't seen scaly leg mites cause lameness, so suspect it is an injury rather than mites. If her comb is dull also it might be an infection that has gotten into her system rather than just in the leg? Or her lameness could be due to being unwell rather than actual leg pain?

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5 years 4 months ago - 5 years 4 months ago #544286 by Sue
It could well be an infection in the foot/leg-maybe Staph. Arthritis-which is the same bug as causes Bumble foot, but has just caused pus formation in the joint from another injury, rather than the foot pad.
Scales on the legs do tend to look rough as the bird ages, but scaly leg could be involved as well.

Remember there are often much less dramatic forms of both scaly leg mite and bumblefoot than you see pictured on google!

It is very hard to treat joint infections externally but you could always try the aerotet spray and then slather her legs and feet with vaselline, rawleighs golden ointmment or perhaps someone has suggested udder cream used on cows.
It won't do any harm and at least you have tried.

I would just take her off her roost in the evenings to reapply stuff. She may well have a more systemic infection but if she is still eating and getting around there is hope if it is only bumble foot or scaly leg mite!

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