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On this morning's news. MPB now confirmed on a dairy farm in Cambridge.
No good them closing the stable door now. I doubt containment is even a possibility any longer. National government too slow to act initially and once again, slow grinding red tape has developed into a truly frightening outlook unless a vaccine or treatment can be found.

I dread to think of the outcomes with sharemilkers due to move dairy cows in a few days time.
If the MPI puts farms in quarantine it is going to cause chaos and there will be repercussions with contracts etc. The dairy industry is set to take a hammering over this one.
NAIT needs shaking by the ears and needs the power to enforce proper stock movement records and the ability to hand out the $10,000 fines they say they can, instead of the wet bus ticket slap on the wrist of $150 like was reported.

We created inward cattle movements within hours of three of our farm purchases, yet, we had a 2 month, 3 month and 1 month wait for sending movements to be completed despite texts , phone calls and emails to urge the sender to comply. In two cases I had to ask NAIT to intervene and only then did the requirement get completed. I'm sure others will have experienced similar things, or been the guilty party in some cases.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S
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What I don't understand is the privacy policy aspect of it all. For instance today via email, I receive quite a lengthy one from Worksafe NZ who go on to identify a business who they have imposed a ''enforceable undertaking'' with in regards to a safety issue that occurred in 2016.

However my vets cannot tell me (because they do not know) which properties in the general area have the blue dot on the MPI map... surely if they are suspect in any way, industry stakeholders should have the information made available to them as a preventative measure?

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I doubt it really has anything to do with "privacy" - more to do with the fear of litigation?
Reminds me a bit of the Phylloxera spread in grapes.

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