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I have a 15 year old, 16.1hh Irish Hunter cross gelding that I am looking to sell. I am looking for a professional to get him fit and sell him on behalf.

I fell off him in December and broke vertebrae in my neck and back, and so am unable to ride. I don't know the reason for the accident as I have no memory of it, but I have had him for 5 years and he is a well-behaved, calm horse. My best guess is that a wild pig or deer jumped out of the bush and frightened him.

He was a dressage horse for a few years and when I bought him he was being trained by Greg Johnson for a career in show jumping (his one quirk is jumping gates and fences). He can jump very well but at the higher levels he was dropping rails so wasn't sold as a show jumper. He is a great all-rounder.

Do you have any recommendations for a good person to get him fit and sell him. He's currently in Upper Hutt, near Wellington, but I can send him anywhere in the North Island.

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There are plenty of professional riders who offer this type of service.
I would recommend someone like Donna Smith Eventing or Ngatamahine Equestrian

Confirmed horse addict.

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Any reason why you don't want to send him back to Greg? he and Dianna trade as Chester Farm they also sell on behalf from time to time. sorry I thought I read Greg Jamieson, but you say Greg Johnson... Greg Jamieson runs Chester Farm.

We sent my Daughter's ''no kick, bite or buck'' advertised mare to them a few years ago after daughter was chucked off 3 times in a row and suffered a broken collarbone (supposed to be a grade 3 pony club type). She went to Dr Morris the equestrian Doctor for a scan to check her ovaries were ok too.

In the meanwhile I watch ''cheaper'' trainers nearby run round chasing horses with plastic bags and tying things onto tails,or letting silly 15 yos lunge the horse until its near collapsing.

For my money I would be using chester farm again.
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