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Furball wrote: It looks like confusion is being caused by the use of the word "animals" on the DOC site. In scientific usage, this doesn't mean only mammals, but also includes birds, reptiles, and amphibians i.e. vertebrates.

As a zoologist I'm afraid I disagree - animals has a much broader meaning than just vertebrates, also including insects, crustaceans, molluscs, corals etc. However, I totally agree that the legislation needs better terminology here (lawyers are clearly not scientists!) because I don't think that they intended for us all be done for killing ants that have infested our houses and slugs that are munching our cabbages.

I like swallows too - I get excited that spring is here when the swallows come and nest in the old water tank (admittedly a much more convenient site than some of you have mentioned!)

Muddling our way through 1Ha on the Christchurch Port Hills, with flocks of heritage chickens, Silver Appleyard ducks, Gotland sheep, and Arapawa goats.

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-seem to have decided our chimney flue is irresistible - two have 'flued' themselves in the last week.
These starlings can be reasonably easily removed by removing the baffle from the firebox, but alas it gets complicated from there as I can either see to replace the baffle plate into the firebox, *or* not-quite get the baffle back in place, but not both at once. Cue much swearing, and not a few bruises. It's also a bit macabre seeing the clenched bird claws appear around the edges of the baffle.
At our old house the starlings used to just fall into the fireplace and then skitter around the room spreading soot everywhere. What fun we had in those days :)

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