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Hi I am a new member to this sight but hoping fellow life stylers can help.
We have a large area that we currently mow usually about 3 1/2 to 4 hours mowing per week in the height of the mowing season.
we have a long drive of 500metres and grass that we mow around a tree lined drive, some of it slopped. Our Hasqvana has been great but
always breaking down as twin blades would hit slightly elevated trees roots as mowing around the tress and the blades would start clanging and mower would shake
so have had to think about buying a new mower.
There are so many models and brands on the market and have no idea what to buy. I know i would like a catcher for around the house as i don't want grass walked into the garage. But the drive we usually mow without a catcher. It needs to be hardy in the Autumn as it will need to chew through fallen leaves from the trees.
Can anybody please advise on Brand and something that will not break overtime we hit a slight small stump and also some slopped area that it won't slip and slide
Cheers Tania

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6 years 9 months ago #534370 by Bamboo
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Hi Tania It doesn't really matter what brand of mower you buy, if you are trying to "mow" stumps. All mowers are designed to mow grass not wood. If you hit roots or stumps you are going to damage your mower regardless of brand. What you really need to do before investing more money in a mower is 1. remove the stumps, 2. Use some soil from around your property to cover the roots of your trees. As for slipping on a slope it depends on the slope and the angle at which you are mowing, safe practice when mowing is to always mow slopes up and down not across. If the angle is too steep and you mow across then you run the risk of tipping the mowing and potentially causing yourself injury.

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6 years 9 months ago #534433 by Runamuck
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There's been some discussion on this in the past. Have a look at this article from the forum's file.....

and a couple of the many discussion threads....

We have a mix of steep slopes, rough ground, orchards and the odd flat-ish, bit. Did lots of research, tested a few, for us the Hustler ATZ was the way to go. We still thow belts and break blades from time to time (usually when we take it where we really should use the slasher), but for us it's been perfect. No mower likes stumps though, as Bamboo says, you're best to remove them, or mow round.


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6 years 9 months ago #534434 by tonybaker
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sounds to me like you already have a good brand of mower! Given the sort of ground you are mowing, you need to be able to remove the blades and sharpen/straighten them from time to time. The only mower that will stand up to tree roots is a flail mower, and you are talking industrial quality/prices here.
I would get the Husky thoroughly overhauled and keep a spare set of blades handy. Of course, you will have to bite the bullet and remove those roots or get someone in to do it. Don't waste money on a new mower unless you clear those roots etc.......

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