Sick Lamb And I Am Stumped

6 years 9 months ago #533842 by Bravo Zulu

Crusha wrote: White Muscle Disease? (WMD). It can be caused by a deficiency of Selenium or Vitamin E, it is not generally known which.

What are the Selenium levels like in your soils and or feeds? I recall parts of North America (North East?) can be prone to Selenium deficient soils.

It can affect older lambs and can be quite common in fast growing lambs.

Lambs may still appear bright and have normal appetites, but eventually they become very weak. Sudden exercise may trigger the condition in older lambs.

It can affect the heart, although from you description it doesn't sound like that type, you might get some results from a Selenium Injection as well as the Vitamin E. Just be careful with the dose rate and frequency. Large amounts of Selenium can quickly become toxic.

Already did that - no luck yet.

It might be getting a high speed lead vaccination soon.

Thanks for the ideas though.

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