NZ made trailers advice.

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Several trips up and down the motorway will show you an array of trailers in various conditions. Everything looks good when its brand new, but try checking out how trailers age given time and use.

As I mentioned before, we are Prescott trailer owners (2) and haven't had an issue, both are well used and we intend to keep them for the rest of our farming lives. On the other hand, we have owned 3 horse floats, 2 being NZ made and 1 chinese.

We were told about the ''whole body dipping'' crap story and no where in NZ is there a gal dip pool big enough to fit an entire fitted float or trailer. The chinese float was built outside and the importer later admitted that the ones built in summer had a fair superior finish to the ones the same manufacturer made in winter.

be aware though of anything ''NZ'' made that sources its parts from china. One NZ float manufacturer selling speil is they are made in NZ, but their parts are sourced o/s from o/s, I suspect its no different in the trailer world.

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All three of my trailers are older than I am (so 50+). One is a Lightweight brand. Late FIL bought it new in the early '60s. I replaced the wheel bearings on it (believe for the first time) about 12 years ago. It hasn't had a wof for a few years due to minor rust and a questionable coupling. The good one was homemade in the early '60s using an axle assembly from something pre WW2. It had a re-paint of all steelwork, new woodwork, and new lights before I got it several years ago and it still gets clean sheet wofs. The other is also homemade. It is rough as hell but has been registered at some point as it has an obviously never painted place where the number plate would have been.
Short story is don't get hung up on new factory made stuff or warranties but rather look for something old and cheap but in good condition. Take a trusted engineer or mechanic with you when you go looking if you are not confident in your own judgement.

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6 years 10 months ago #533380 by skyline_glenn
Make sure it is galvanised and not just painted, although they probably only do galvanised now. Also, make sure there are plenty of tie down hooks. I found the tie rails down the sides of our briford trailer were no good for stropping motorbikes with as the stropps just slid along the rail and couldn't be kept in one place

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