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Hi Everyone,
Due to unforeseen circumstances we are having to sell and move back into the "Shaky City". Unfortunately we won't be able to take our three piggies with us. (Though that could be fun). :) Is there anyone in the North Canterbury region (or wherever) who can provide a forever home to our trio?

Pumbah and Jackson came as quake refugees from Cust from a family moving back to OZ after the quakes. They are approx. 12 years old, and desexed. Jackson is black and white with tassels and Pumbah is brownish. Both have tusks. Pumbah is "top pig", though Jackson is probably the more intelligent...lol. They have always been together so it would be good to keep them together. The Bachelor boys! :) Jackson has significant scarring on his neck and shoulders due to a dog attack at his previous home. Both like scratches and are friendly.

Miss Piggy we got as a piglet from a neighbour. We drove home (400m), with her on hubby's lap. Soo cute. She is coming up 5 years and is also friendly and like scratches. She is breedable however I would not recommend it due to having an abnormality in her jaw as seen here: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22515326 .

Since the vet diagnosis, the fistula in her check appears to be healed in that we have not had any abscesses since the original one that alerted us to the problem, but there is a hole in her cheek and sometimes food does come out it. Vet also said as long as it doesn't block up again, she is fine. Looking at the paper I assume that perhaps it might be a genetic thing, so breeding would probably not be a good idea. Living with her "honorary uncles" hasn't been a problem though for obvious reasons! :)

While the potential new owners might like to take the piggies on when they purchase the house, we would like to see them re-homed sooner rather than later :( So if anyone can help, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone.

Three Piggies, Four Chooky Babes, Randy the Roo, Hubby and Me. [:D]

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