Help with Pony being unwell

8 years 1 month ago #521287 by Animal Crazy
I wonder if someone could help me to decide what I do next. Pony has had ulcer/colic symptoms for 12 days now, his only symptoms are that he does not want you to touch his abdomen, puts his ears back and tries to bite you which is very unlike him. Vet did pain meds first as it was a long weekend and 4 days Gastrozol. Did bloods and it showed acute inflammation/infection, high Eosinophils, low Phosphate & Potassium. Vet put him on 6 days antibiotics and i had to introduce a lunch time feed increasing his fiber.

He has improved as he would walk away from you and you only had to put your hand close to his side he would try and bite whereas now he is friendlier can touch him elsewhere but not his stomach.

One vet said to deworm him again as high Eosinophils indicates worms ( i wormed him 5.5 weeks ago), doing a faecal count so will see what that has to say.
Other vet says take more bloods to see if anything has changed.

People i have spoken to say he definitely has ulcers (he does get an ulcer product in his feed 2xday). Someone else said he could have a stomach bug.

So any suggestion you have i really would appreciate it.

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8 years 1 month ago #521289 by muri
Replied by muri on topic Help with Pony being unwell
When you have a sick animal and it is under vet care, the best is to go with that and not seek lots of ideas from other people who have not seen the animal or had a chance to do a diagnosis. You will only end up confused
I am not saying vets are always right, they too can make mistakes, but sounds like you have been talking to a lot of people and getting a lot of different ideas.
Just stick with your vet as once you try a whole lot of things, you can cloud the picture and then diagnosis becomes nearly impossible.
I would get a really good wormer and de worm and do a FE as indicated.
We cannot really help you with a diagnosis, its not possible without seeing the animal but its obvious there is a problem but we dont have the full picture either

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8 years 1 month ago #521295 by Rokker
Replied by Rokker on topic Help with Pony being unwell
Totally agree with Muri - diagnosis and treatment needs to follow a logical procedure, rather than a whole bunch of possible treatments applied at the same time. Bear in mind also that certain drugs can interact with others and shouldn't be mixed. As Muri said, sort out a treatment plan with your vet and stick to that - at least until your vet runs out of ideas!

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