feeding Goats on a budget/safe plants

8 years 7 months ago #511222 by Baroque
Definitely agree with muri on this! There are always issues with goats.

I have one kid in my flock which has had issues on and off, I probably should cull him but as he is very friendly and a really nice goat to handle so I was going to run him on as a friend for our buck as his old mate Houdini is now 16yo and will probably be karking it in a year or so.

muri;518188 wrote: I often find that when people talk about doing animals cheaply, they are the ones that end up with the problems.
A vet call out fee and treatment can be up to $200 on a weekend and sheep and goats have the ability to only get sick on the weekends.
There is hoof trimming and horn disbudding as well, plus the cost of effective wormers.
Even the most experienced goat owners will tell you there are issues with goats, its not always plain sailing

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8 years 7 months ago #511403 by nikolye
a friend came over briefly and knows her plants better than i and just pointed out a few varietys to look into as possibly bad for animlas. i'll be taking pictures and doing a bit more research now that i have a bit of a start. if i figure out how to post them on here that is also a great idea.

a deadly night shade variety w/little berries on it, that all easily came up.

she said she thought she saw ragwort.

calla lillys pop up in a few spots in the paddock and bush

one that i forgot the name of and will need to ask her again, but it started with wool, something i think. it shot straight up like a sturdy beanstalk, she said the seeds spread easily and i needed my gloves to take it out.

the bushes that seem to be scattered around the big kauri and rimu trees (seeds spread by bird poo i assume) she thinks are privet.

i saw a few of what i initially passed off as queen anns lace, then i saw pictures of hemlock online and thinking i'll go double check.

there are alot of things that i'm just not sure of from what i've read. these things seem like they are mostly ok in small amounts.

dock leaves.. maybe a few variety of this stuff, some with reddish veins, some that grows uppish and other that sticks quite stiffly to the ground in a circle formation..

wandering jew... theres quite a lot of this around, but mainly only on the outskirts of the paddock.

an ivy growing around some of the posts of the paddock and the big pine tree.

some kind of nikau palms scattered around.. ferns, buttercups, multiple dandelion variety, flax.. these are all ok im assuming.

so many varieties of weeds in the paddock, and so many plants in the bush!

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8 years 7 months ago #511404 by Andrea1
Depends on the fern - bracken fern can poison them (I forget the actual process); buttercups can also poison them. Most of the dandelion family is fine, flax is ok in moderation, but the dried fronds should be avoided as they are so fibrous they can block the digestive system and cause a quick and quite painful death. You'll get the hang of ID, nikolye, it just takes time, but hopefully you'll be able to keep the goats out whilst you are learning. :)

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8 years 7 months ago #511412 by LongRidge
Dock and buttercups are not very poisonous.
Woolly mullein is not liked by goats, but cattle will nibble on it.
Ragwort toxicity builds up gradually, so they happily eat it for a few years then die of a liver not working.
Wandering jew can be very bad for eczema in dogs.
The nightshades are not good but some are worse than others.
Our goats do not like nettles, but they love blackberry plants and berries.

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8 years 7 months ago #511526 by manymules
Maybe it was "wooly nightshade"? www.nrc.govt.nz/Environment/Weed-and-pes...s/Woolly-nightshade/

My lots won't touch that, inkweed or arum lilies. Not even a nibble - phew! These are the 3 weeds that I'm still fighting with so it was with a huge sigh of relief that they prune completely around the plants and leave them alone.

Learning a little bit every day. Loving life. [:D]

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