To whomever is doing the rain dance....

8 years 10 months ago #507527 by muri
Its interesting in that in this mornings paper they are saying they need to look at better ways of managing rainfall for events such as Dunedin this week, wellington last week.
These rain events will become more and more frequent.
In auckland city at least, with the increased pressure on land [and possibly the council's desire for more revenue from rates, more houses on smaller plots of land is becoming the norm ] the ratio of permeable surfaces, which can absorb moisture, has become much lower in relation to non-permeable surfaces.
So with less of the area able to absorb rainfall and more and more housing being built, coupled with heavier rainfalls, flooding will became more prevalent in urban areas.
At the moment, everyone seems to be blaming the Dunedin Council for the flood when in fact I dont think any system can realistically be designed to cope with the level of flooding from such a heavy rainfall as Dunedin has received

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