Shavers stopped laying

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There has to be a reason they stopped laying, not just 'because they can'!

Once you have worked through the most common reasons, change in environment/housing, temperature, diet, etc then you move on to the next range. Stealing, egg eating, mites-but no-one has yet mentioned disease!

There are many conditions/infections which will cause a bird to stop laying. Egg Drop Syndrome being one of them.

Before anyone says, but my birds are healthy/free range/no symptoms etc EDS is a virus which doesn't give any other symptoms other than the birds stop laying.
You may get a few wrinkled or shell-less eggs at the start,which either might get broken and eaten before you find them, so you never see them-or you put it down to calcium shortage.

OK, so some lines of birds stop-like the Shavers, and others keep laying. The Orpingtons may have already had EDS and are immune, but the other ones are still susceptible.

There is no cure and the birds will eventually come back into lay. The only way to diagnose it is by detecting antibodies in a blood sample.

Deanna has mentioned the protein problem-either from not high enough in the feed, or them not eating enough of a new feed due to taste or texture, and more of whatever else is available. Heritage breeds which do not lay so many eggs in total, have more 'no egg days' than a Shaver in full lay and also a greater appetite have much more tolerance to a protein shortage than a high performance hybrid like a Shaver.

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