Guy Fawkes is coming

9 years 4 months ago #498750 by igor
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I wonder if the Kaimanawa horses have grown up with the sound of gunfire and explosions from the army training area and therefore don't give a damn.

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9 years 4 months ago #498794 by muri
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Igor, we used to think that too as at one stage I understood they were used as moving target practice as well. I think now the Army are quite proud of 'their' horses on their land. Its the same attitude the Kai have to everything they meet, they really dont get spooked easily and cope well with a whole lot of new environments and things. I think its more their nature
When you go out on the bus trips into the ranges, some of the bands of horses come very close as they are curious, rather than taking off, They have good genetics they predispose them to investigate something new, not run from it.
There are always exceptions but on the whole a really quiet solid personality that make great kids ponies

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9 years 4 months ago #499055 by footinmouth
Replied by footinmouth on topic Guy Fawkes is coming
This feral horse I have isnt a Kaimanawa, he is a Trakehner who was bred and forgotten about - then found in the back paddock. By the time they found him he was 17.2, 5 years old and gangly - basically ugly on legs and constantly tripping up over his own feet. The property he came from it is 14km from the homestead to the farm boundary, so every now and then they lose track of stock. He probably never saw a human being in between weaning and when we drove him out.

His undamaged approach to things is interesting on a psychological view. He has never been exposed to a human who has told him something is going to hurt him. He lacks that level of anxiety. It is an interesting journey and I have been able to break him in and start him without yards, only a log on the ground to learn to tie up. he ground ties, stands for the farrier, can be caught, jumps like a stag and with a natural eye for strides. He has filled out being on constant food supply and no roaring forty southerlies to battle. He no longer trips over his feet with 4 weekly trims and his muscles developing correctly with trims. He self loads on the float. There are some issues, at this point they arent major and as he matures in his brain they will sort themselves out. Right now, due to his breeding and handling he has the brain capacity of an 18mth old thoroughbred.

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9 years 4 months ago #499077 by Anakei
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Well I have a foot in both camps.
Growing up in England Guy Fawkes Night was eagerly looked forward to, with much scrounging of wood to make the biggest bonfire and begging for pennies for the Guy. ( a sort of scarecrow that we dragged around town in an old pram) The Guy was burnt on the bonfire, fireworks let off, potatoes burned in the ashes and sparklers waved around with no consideration. Every year there would be graphic TV ads warning of the dangers of fireworks, and small boys always lost their fingers and some ones house always got burnt down.

I travelled a lot as an adult and it wasn't until we got to NZ with our own children that we rediscovered the joys of fireworks and organised our own little parties.

Then 1 year while living in Auckland, some random fireworks let off next door frightened our dog so much she escaped from the garden and got run over on the main road. The same year I caught my own teenage sons throwing fireworks at each other!
Needless to say I am now firmly opposed to the public sale of fireworks and think organised displays are the way to go. Unfortunately the general public can't be trusted and they (and we ) have to be protected from themselves.

PS I signed the petition!

Urban mini farmer and guerilla gardener

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