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I think my main problem was the humidity - I have in the past had issues with the temp but that didn't seem to do anything funny this time.

But I had the incubator in a cold room (and we had some very cold nights where the temp in the room would have got down to 5-6c) but also we ran the heat pump in there some evenings and I think the heating unit in the incubator had to work overtime on occasions and when it did the humidity went haywire and so I'd have to add more water way more often then I normally would etc....

I *think* (cause i've bought it sight unseen for a really good price) I'm getting an Rcom 20 pro (or possibly a std Rcom 20) 2nd hand but unused still in packaging :D

I have someone who wants me to hatch them some chicks so as soon as it gets here i'll be getting it going - i'll let you know how it goes

Me and hubby and 2 boys, Alpacas, Arapawa sheep, Lowline cattle, lots and lots of chooks and ducks ;)

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