Bee In My Bonnet

9 years 8 months ago #491048 by chocfish
Replied by chocfish on topic Bee In My Bonnet
"The more intelligent and longer standing posters are already using their land in some responsible way, be it growing their own produce, keeping some animals & poultry, establishing orchards, hay or silage making or returning the land to its original state via native planting etc. That is what the land is for."

Woah!!!! who died and made you God??

Thinking that maybe a little tolerance is called for here?? So what if your new neighbour wants to put nothing but cars on his block - maybe he will be offended by your stinky / noisy animals / farm equipment?? Or maybe he will just really appreciate his little bit of paradise? Live and let live dude, life is too short :D

Crazy revolving door of dogs ponies and kids. ….

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