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Hi, I have hatched out some pekin ducklings under my chook. Have had a few problems as it appears that the egg shells were too hard. I presume if the ducks hatch them they dampen the eggs? anyway any suggestions on what I feed them? I have the usual standard poultry feed (chicken crumbles etc) but thought they may need something special or a dampened feed. Thanks


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12 years 6 months ago #404297 by Inger
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Yes, Chick Starter Crumbles (serve dry, with a water conatiner nearby), then soon followed by Meat Bird Crumbles, as ducklings grow soooo fast, that they need the high protein feed. If you serve the crumbles wet, the ducklings will just throw it everywhere (learnt from bitter and elbow breaking experience), so I serve it dry and just ensure that the water container/reservour is frequently topped up. It works a treat with goslings as well. Way less food wastage and window cleaning. (don't ask!!!!)

Make sure that you get a water container that is shallow, but narrow enough so they can't swim in it. It also need to be heavy enough so they can't tip it over. One of those reservour type plastic drinking things for poultry, works well. They come in a multitude of sizes.

(Please excuse the spelling, I can't be bothered trying to find the dictionary) ;)

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12 years 6 months ago #404352 by Edith McGhee
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Cat bisccuits are excellent they are high in protein soaked in water. Then put through the blender. Our duckling loves them and they are cheap to buy. Any brand is ok from supermarket.

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12 years 6 months ago #404358 by eelcat
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I have been left with 7 ducklings to hand rear - their mother took one look at them, took them to the pond and left them to it, Wouldn't have anything more to do with them! They are still very small, hatched Friday, and so can get out fo the large cat cage, and so are in a small cat cage. However, to feed them, four times a day, I take them out and put them in a large cardboard box. There they can mess to their hearts' content with no mess on the floor or walls or anywhere else. We've been down this road before and know what a mess they make. They have water ad lib the rest of the time, from a narrow jar, about 3 inches high. Thye can't get in, but can get their heads in. Do you think I can put them outside during the day in their cage - am working on making the larger cage duckling proof in a sheltered spot, bringing them in at night. Or, could I put them in with my bunnies - have done this before and all worked well, but there were 5 buns and one duckling, this time it would be 2 buns and 7 ducklings, until they were big enough to go in their own house.

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