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11 years 4 months ago #449126 by Akzle
Replied by Akzle on topic The perfect lifestyle block
where i AM
1 Size (acres) 5
2 Contour: mostly north aspect sloping, two spurs, bog, and swamp at the bottom, one permanent watercourse, one seasonal, 1/4 established bush 4x4 access off gravel road
3 Features (bush, river, views) bog, swamp, regen native, established native, 100m above sea level views to WHG heads/ manaia, surrounded on 3 sides by farm land (not bloody commuting lifestylers)
4 Best things about my block: family land - it will be used by my grandkids' grandkids... bush pockets are nice, view is nice, close enough to everything (beach, town)
5 Worst things about my block: climbing asparagus, yellow clay, traffic noise with easterly - nor easterly winds, not enough water avail. development up the road.
6 -8: (below)

where i'd like
1 Size (acres) 30-300
2 Contour (flat, steep, etc) similar, but with terraced production garden or flat area to accomodate.
3-5: (above)
6 my must haves will be:
7 My like to haves will be: more bush, further away from town/people/roads/traffic, 600m rifle range, lake, waterfall, underground bunker, caves, hothouse, less grass to mow, wild deer/goats/pigs to eat, 2WD access for camping area friends/family
8 My must not haves will be: neighbours with cats, traffic noise,

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11 years 4 months ago #449267 by muri
Replied by muri on topic The perfect lifestyle block
1. Size - 10 acres, 7-8 of grazing

2. Contour - gentle slope to the south

3. Features
- lake and two ponds, two are connected by a spillway which runs all year, plus streams The lake provides all year water for stock and garden
- 12 springs located through out the property, great for summer grass but not so flash in winter
- large plant house, probably 40x15m which enables me to earn a good living off my block
- an acre of 200 pines I had removed which i am trying to establish as a native area
- good established trees and an endless supply of firewood for the wood stove.
- lots of areas I have established plantings to enhance the property and provide greater privacy and a better environment for native bird life

4. Best things
- lovely dark alluvial sandy soil, several spades deep and no clay - no winter mud
- down a long drive so not close to road and traffic
- 10 minutes Muriwai beach and endless bush walks and easy to access at times that its virtually empty
- close to lots of facilities - shops, services, horticultural suppliers etc - should they be required
- an active local community and some really positive neighbours
- the fact that there is no need to leave my block for days on end if need be as most of my requirements can be met within this 10 acres - work, play, exercise, socialise, financial gain etc

5. Worst things - westerly winds, can be really relentless, but slowly getting a western shelter belt established

6.Must haves for a new block
- near the coast
- soil alluvial or volcanic but not clay
- sheltered
- own water source
- environmentally sound principles in house building eg solar/wetback etc

7, Must not haves
- clay soils
- south facing house
- close or noisy neighbours

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11 years 4 months ago #450108 by HeidiLee
1 Size: 3 acres
2 Contour: hills and some flat areas.
3 Features: native bush, very private.
4 Best things about my block: the native bush, it is private and interesting, always discovering something new. The carpark, it is spacious.
5 Worst things about my block: in winter it is a mud pit, I hate clay! Shared private road with a council that doesn't have a clue what they're doing :eek:. Gorse.
6 If I buy another block my �must haves� will be: Easier access to the buildings, having established buildings in the thick of the bush is very cool, romantic setting etc but water tank, septic tank maintenance is very hard when you can't get to them with a vehicle. And carrying building materials to the buildings is difficult too, turns a lot of builders off the job.
7 My �like to haves� will be: Water, either ponds, stream or a river. Bush but not as much covenanted bush as I have now. A house site that gets some sun!!! Some flat land and some rolling hills. And the next one will be more than 3 acres :D
8 My �must not haves� will be:A fully 'established' property, I'd like to have some say in the design/ layout of the property. Shared driveway, steep land, cliffs, too many covenants.

8.5 acres | 2 horses | 1 dog | 18 chooks | peace & quiet | a big smile on my dial![:D]

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