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DiDi;357816 wrote: Funny this argument. I may be wrong but I am 99% sure that the Local Storage Unit massive complex owner advised me that the barbed wire surrounding the property is activated at a certain time of night. That was reassuring knowing that the scum bags would be completely brainless to take that on - but maybe it is just wire and I misheard. Still... I don't think so and this is in an urban area.

powerguy;357848 wrote: Just because it is illegal does not mean that people don't do it! It is that if anything goes wrong they can be prosecuted.

The Code of Practice for Security Fencing (which has legal standing as a Regulation) does not permit the electrification of barbed or razor wire security fences. This code does not apply to fences primarily for livestock control, but the standard quoted above by Powerguy does of course apply.

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And this is why it is illegal to have barbed wire electried: R v Fitzgerald (2000) 18 CRNZ 427 (CA)

It relates to a couple of naughty gang members. In a nutshell, if you have barbed wire connected up to an energiser and its on, it's bad.

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