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Absolutely agree, Bart. This is a great forum and really well run.

Also, in response to an earlier posting about whether we know someone affects how we respond to their posts - no, the fact that I've met some of you doesn't affect how I post in the slightest.

Having said that, it does often give one an advantage in understanding how those people think. I've met and worked on a committee with Jen outside LSB and I know that she is anything BUT patronising. Actually she would have to be one of the most lovely, kind and fair-minded people around. So, knowing her as I do, the idea that she would be deliberately insulting to Isla is ridiculous. For someone that is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't, she's in a pretty crap position and I think we need to remove the person from the debate and realise that any of the moderators could have done exactly the same thing in locking Isla's post to prevent another potential slanging match. That others could see the potential for that to happen means it wasn't just Jen's opinion here. That takes nothing away from the point of Isla's original right of reply, which was completely fair and I'm glad she took the opportunity to voice it. In all the posts, I'm not sure now what the issue was that she wanted to discuss, so Isla, perhaps you could start a new thread?

Cheers, Mich.

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