Bloody electric fence!

14 years 2 months ago #316941 by Pyewacket
Replied by Pyewacket on topic Bloody electric fence!
Fixed! :D

After Yakut carefully unravelled the maze - sorry - 'hotch potch' of wires and connections, I walked around the entire section of wire, checking for breaks and areas where the wire might be in contact with something it shouldn't. Found the problems, sorted it, walked back to find Yakut.

Yakut was in the race, on her hands and knees, bum up in the air, peering through the windbreak netting into the garden. I thought that was a little odd, but perhaps Yakut had lost interest in the fence and found something else to do, like spying on the dogs. [;)]
The blade had broken off her utility knife and she was frantically trying to find it before an animal did.

Yakut is now re-creating the maze - sorry - 'hotch potch' of connections and wires.

Thanks for all your help and I'm still tempted to change the connections on the energizer unit, but I probably won't unless there is an obvious problem. I note that Gallagher have since changed the connections on that unit to something more robust.

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14 years 2 months ago #316945 by GrantK
Replied by GrantK on topic Bloody electric fence!
Well done :D

All's well that ends well as the old saying goes...

Live weather data and High/Low records for our farm at:

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14 years 2 months ago #316956 by Ghilly
Replied by Ghilly on topic Bloody electric fence!
Me knife!!! I broke me knife!!!! I did find the bit that broke off, if you stare at the area long enough, there's a good chance you'll spot these things.

We are now waiting for Nigella to challenge the fence.... 'twill be a short sharp shock for wee madam and I must say it'll serve her right.

I have botched up one area of the hotch potch,..... but it's no matter, it all works! I was testing the fence and decided to use the newly installed cut off switch. I switched it to off and blow me, all the lights lit up on the tester.... I thought 'it can't be residual charge'. Then I had a think and realised even though the cut off switch was off, the fence is connected further down. It doesn't have to be, I thought it did....... but, well, it's hard to describe cos the paddocks form a U shape around the house and I never set up the hot wire right around and back again, I didn't have enough wire, so some of it has field fencing and some old plywood which I put up to stop the neighbours sheep eating the garden.

Some of the lambs were whistling straight through as well, this was before I got goats and none of the paddocks were hot wired properly.....

There was no electric fencing set up when we moved in, in fact, the electric fencing, most of the insulators and all the irrigation taps had been removed, along with the pond pump which we found out on the weekend, was disconnected under the house and the electric cord simply cut off at the box outside. Seems whoever lived here in the past didn't want anyone to be able to use anything after they'd gone.

I mean, it's not usually normal to remove all the electric fencing is it? Ok I can understand maybe the actual unit but not the wires, and the hoses for the irrigation were cut off about a foot from the ground.... unless the previous owner, way back when suddenly had to pay for the water they used and cut them off so no one else in the household could sneak out and turn the irrigation on when the bill payer wasn't looking.....?

One day, I will have the whole mess sorted, properly wired and a reel of polywire for each level on the fence. None of this weaving it back and forth from one reel. Actually, I've got a couple of spare reels but no decent polywire, it's all covered in lichen.


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