Swine flu warning - be careful if you own pigs

14 years 11 months ago #266702 by Inger
One of our ewes has come down with a cold. Hope people don't get upset about sheep flu next?

It is possible for pigs to pick up the current desease from humans, but I think what the Animal Health people are more worried about, is the possibility of people bringing deseases into piggeries on their boots, clothing and vehicles. Just normal bio-security. This flu isn't as dangerous as the post-weaning wasting desease and other nasties running around in NZ.

45 hectares between Whangarei and Paparoa. Registered Dexter cattle, Wiltshire sheep - black, white & pied.
New Hampshire Red poultry & Dorking poultry. Pilgrim Geese, Appleyard Ducks.
A cat called Pusscat and still looking for another heading dog.

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14 years 11 months ago #267518 by Grant B
Declaration of interest - I work for NZ Pork

10% of the pigs on an Alberta, Canada farm have been infected with influenza H1N1 after a worker returned from a trip to Mexico ( www.stuff.co.nz/world/swine-flu/2380808/...u-transfer-in-Canada ). So now we know that pigs can catch human flu. This reinforces the warning about good biosecurity on your farm to keep your pigs safe.

In response, China has banned imports of pork from Alberta. 8 other countries have banned import of pork from Canada and exports are reported down by 10-15%.

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