Grapes and black rot

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I have a grapevine that is about 12 years old. About 4 years ago it developed black rot that has been killing off the grapes ever since. There has been a lot of talk about sprayes, spurs in the ground, and measures to control the problem. But I am wondering... does once the vine gets the disease, is it there to stay? Or does it concock the disease afresh each year because of the spurs in the surrounding ground? The reason that I am asking is because what if I was to place a barrier on the ground.... my thinking was if the spurs cannot get to the vine, the vine should be safe.

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1 month 2 days ago #557557 by tonybaker
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Spurs - are you talking about the shoots arising from the rootstock then? Your vine should be on grafted rootstock or the Phyloxerra bug will deal to it and you don't want those "spurs" to grow so cut them off at the base. Grapes need severe pruning or they go to "seed". Black rot is a fungal disease and can be caused by too much leaf cover and lack of leaf plucking. Copper sprays should help but you need to learn how to prune and manage vines, you can't kill them by pruning!  [url] [/url]


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