Root Cellars

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I keep my potatoes in banana boxes on the floor at the back of the garage. Agria seem to store best. It pays to check them over from time to time.
The problem with clamps is that you have to go out into the garden when you need a few spuds, and you disturb the heap. For years I just left the potatoes in the ground and dug them as needed.
Garlic and onions go into mesh crates nearby, but off the floor. Pukekohe Long Keepers store well, but this season I am trying Perfect Keeper from Egmont seeds.

5 acres, Ferguson 35X and implements, Hanmay pto shredder, BMW Z3, Countax ride on mower, chooks, Dorper and Wiltshire sheep. Bosky wood burning central heating stove and radiators. Retro caravan. Growing our own food and preserving it. Small vineyard, crap wine. :)
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Mother earth has plans for unused septic tanks that would be good if you had a bank to install it in to.

Just me and the cat now, on 2 acres of fruit and veg + hazel nuts, macadamia, chestnuts and walnuts,

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