Thistles are taking over our vege garden!

14 years 7 months ago #295957 by Hintzashouse
Luckily we don't have the calis in the vege garden, but did used to have a them in the paddocks. Pulling out as much root as possible whenever I saw them and the ground was soft was how I usually did it. On the seasons when it wasn't so much fun pulling,(summer) I used the spray. I used the yates weed/n/feed on the yellow container that is supposed to clip onto the hose. Only I diluted it at the rate of 1 cup spray to 3 cups water and sprayed it thru the knapsack or hand sprayer. Theory being, the weeds were killed and the other stuff in the weed n feed helps the good plants grow so it fills the hole around the thistle dying back with desirable plants, so less bare earth to have weed seeds germinate from. Thats the theory anyway. Seems to work ok so far. You just have to remember when you see the parent plant, to scan a circle around it looking for the wee suckers hiding in the grass that like to pop up and annoy you later, and make sure you get them as well.

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14 years 7 months ago #296193 by bridgierapa
Okay sorry but I've had this and eradicated them, had to turn to Uncle Errol (50 yrs a farmer in Canty) for advice and this is what he said....

Cali - when growing well, spray liberally with glysophate. I use a strong mix as the single mix doesn't knock them out well enough. Rest that soil for the rest of spring - put a compost crop in for autumn.

Twitch - same as above.

anything else you'll tear your hair out. I tried all organic methods - I tried everything. I even bought organic sprays but in the end it was plain old roundup at double strength when the plant is growing well. Knocks them right out.

Otherwise you're up for an archaeological dig of epic proportions, repeated every time you see the tiniest bit. I could never go back to that place. I had it in the strawbs. And the irises.

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