Rural Internet - Fair Go!

19 years 2 months ago #6 by WebWrat
The idea of this thread is to gather as many stories as we can about your internet experiences. If we get enough of them they may be useful to put a bit of pressure on TeleCon.

It would be good if this thread only contained the stories ... we could start another thread in the Sin Bin for discussion and opinions on the matter. The discussion thread could be used to talk about what to do with the million or so stories from people that are peed off with their steam driven, Marconi phone system! i.e. Send them to TeleCon, Fair Go, Consumer Affairs, Close Up, 60 Minutes, BBC, CNN . ??!!

I'm going to ask Kate if this thread could be stuck at the top for awhile just to see what we can gather.

Of course if no one wants to play, we'll just have to unstick the thread and forget about it. I reckon 'tho, if the thread is stuck at the front, over time the stories will build up as TeleCon events happen.

I'm going to Jandon's thread "Phone Lines X electric fences Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgghhhh" to copy my story and paste it here.

'An elephant is a mouse built by a committee!'

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19 years 2 months ago #40218 by WebWrat
Replied by WebWrat on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
My connection has always been terrible; usual old thing, can't connect, slow, disconnects and etc. Changed modems, spent hours mucking around with settings, uninstalling/reinstalling software, listening to music for hours on Telecon faults to be told it was Clear's fault, listening to music for hours on Clear's help line and getting some assistance that didn't help much (checking settings etc).

Telecon told me the problem was mine or Clear's, that it was an electric fence (can't hear one), they said they could come and have a look but they probably wouldn't find anything wrong with their system and if they came into the house and found the problem was self-inflicted i.e. fax, double phone jack and etc, they would charge me $75!! At that rate they owe me about $50,000!!!

Somewhere along the line I was told (can't remember who)that idealy there should be only about 6 phones per line through an exchange and on our one there was 30 per line! That made sense to me and thinking Telecon are never going to admit to that, decided to just put up with it.

Now this is the interesting bit.

Our phone goes through a local exchange at Sheffield and on to the main exchange at Darfield. My wife works in the bakery at Sheffield which is located in the old Sheffield Post Office. One day she saw a couple of Telecon techies arrive at the little exchange shed out the back, they spent the day in there beavering away and came back the next day for another go. Guess what? Yes! For about 6 - 8 months I could dial straight thru, no disconnects, speed up from 18 - 19000 bps to 33500 bps, downloads from 1.9 kb/s to 2.5 ... wonderful!

About two months ago things went back to the old drama again, but this time with a difference. We now have busy times. From about 4 in the afternoon to evening on week nights (kids home from school); problems connecting/disconnects, same on Sat, Sun and public holidays. In between times it's not too bad. On a wet Sat a couple of weeks ago I couldn't get on line all day (missed a couple of TM sales I had my eye on) until 0130 Sun morning and then all of a sudden got straight through. I even deliberately disconnected and got straight through again just for fun - masochist!! On week days connection is not too bad until, as I said, schools out. Depends on the weather a bit, kids in or out.

That's my story.
What to do about it?
Get a thousand posts on this thread and then email the link to Telecon?


P. S. 0910 Sat morning. Disconnected while writing this post and had to dial 13 times to get back on. Speed 26400bps.

'An elephant is a mouse built by a committee!'

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19 years 2 months ago #40219 by kate
Replied by kate on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
It's stuck! I'll post my own Telecom nightmare when I'm feeling's far too hot to even *think* about Telecom....


web goddess - :)

Web Goddess

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19 years 2 months ago #40220 by Roscoe
Replied by Roscoe on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
About 3 weeks ago, I decided to go jetstream and make the most of the current offer of a free modem and connection.

I rang telecom and got the ball rolling, they said the area is fine for jetstrem but they would check at the exchange to make sure. I got an email saying yup, its all go, recieved the modem and all the other bits in the post including a message saying the exchange connection would be done last monday.. yay I thought, got a phone message from the contractors that do the techie stuff for telecom saying that the line that we are on is not compatable for jetstream so too bad, never mind, tough tittie, get over it etc etc.

Guess what, our next door neighbore is on jetstream :(

So when the rest of you line up to take a swing at Telecom, leave a place for me.


If its stupid and it works, then it isnt stupid.


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19 years 2 months ago #40221 by Jen - Featherston
For the last 5 years we have been on an 0+2 box - yes an old "party line" for those real old timers who can remeber those.

Even with the best modem we could get less than 20k connections. We were told tough, sorry our contract with you is only for the supply of voice not data.

Put up with it for years - interestingly Telecom would still charge us full price for their xtra connection!!! no discount because they are the carrier company that annot provide decent service. Constantly having to reconnect most of the time staying late at work just because it was so frustrating here. No hope of downloading pics or anything big.

Anyway, my darling husband made some enquiries to Telecom saying we were really interested in getting Jetstream, the techie said they would look into it. Came back and said no, not on the line your on but there is a line further down the valley we can pair you up on to get Jetstream!!!! no way its been sitting there all this time and they have not bothered to hook us up!! (where is the icon that has steam coming from ears[}:)][V]) AND the very next day a call saying our pair was changed over how fast just because we wanted jet stream. I tested the new line and got 50 yes folks 50k on my modem told them where they could shove their jet and am happily typing away[^]

Sometimes its not only what you say, its the way you say it that counts.

Sometimes its not only what you say, its the way you say it that counts.

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  • Jack
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19 years 2 months ago #40222 by Jack
Replied by Jack on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
My connection used to be good and I wondered what everyone was moaning about. But slowly over the last few months, it has been turning to crap. I am wondering if it because I don't use xtra and telecome are deliberately causing problems for people who don't use all their services.

Lately, if someone sends me a large email, it will slow everything down to a stop at times. Then I will get all my emails come in repeated up to 6 times, unless I go into my ISP website and delete them.
A bit of a bugger, like the other day a buriness sent me a pamphlet of something we were considering buying and everything just ground to a halt. It took me nearly an hour to get it through, then guess what. It was not the one we were wanting anyway.


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19 years 2 months ago #40223 by skysong
Replied by skysong on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
I'm with you guys.......DEFINITELY. Have had it up to the back teeth with "he says, that she says," and so on and so on. My story is exactly the same as WebWrat's and, 'boy' am I getting sick of it too. My ISP says it's Telecom's fault because they won't up grade the lines(ours are over 30 years old). The only houses that get the modern lines are new ones that are built in the area.
The smart 'alec' that I spoke to at Telecom told me to get all the local farmers to turn the electric fences off, can you imagine what sort of havoc that would cause????
We can get a suppressor put on the line at an approx. cost of $500 but no guarantees. Their other suggestion was every time we want to use the Internet we should unplug; phones, faxes, cordless phone bases, bells, answer machines, double adaptors, extension cords, digital decoders(Sky) and alarm systems, PLUS do not have the Internet connection anywhere near power cables, speakers, heaters, microwaves, conventional ovens, vaccum cleaners, fluorescent or neon lights.
So, what is the point of having the Internet at all????

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19 years 2 months ago #40224 by Birman Babe
I think that the major problem with Telecom is that it no longer does it's own line repairs, etc. They are contracted out to Downers who, from my experience, as useless. The 2 companies obviously have a communciation breakdown, in my area anyway, and neither seems to know what the other is doing & both give out conflicting information.

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19 years 2 months ago #40225 by jandon
Replied by jandon on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
To recap our situation...
5 years ago we started on internet with 'ok' but slow connection.
Over the years the connection success has declined for ourselves and others up our road to the point that trying to use the internet has been an excercise in frustration at the best of times. Our neighbour (an Xtra business customer) was driving 10km into town and paying $5 for 15 minutes at the library to run his business.
He and I began ringing TSP (Telecommunications Service Provider;)) on a regular basis to ask why we could connect, why we had crackly old phone lines, and what was being done about it.

We got told it may be because - electric fences were causing line noise and it was therefore not TSP's problem; we had more than one jackpoint; extension leads; other appliances plugged in near our computers; mobile phones may be interferring with phone lines and/or computers; our wiring may be faulty; our ISP may not be up to scratch; pigs may be flying overhead (not really but you get the picture)...
Neighbour managed to get a choke installed on his line (xtra custie remember) and his problems have decreased although service is still not flash.

After a period of limbo where service was slack but bearable all went pear shaped again, and I experienced weeks where it took me several reconnects just to get the mail LIST into Mailwasher several more reconnects to get to open my isp webmail page to delete my non urgent mail from my server, and several more reconnects to dl the mail that was urgent. Between each dl attempt, I had to visit my server to delete any mails that I had succeeded in dl'ing or they would dl all over again and with only a few minutes online at a time, that was wasted time.

I began phoning TSP on a daily basis and on some calls they asked me if I had a mobile because it would have been easier to HEAR me if they could call back on a clearer line, FFS. Always gave them my mobile number and then had great pleasure in telling them that they would have to wait for me to drive back into town before they could phone because we have no coverage at our place either[:I]
After several weeks of wrangling, they finally sent a techie guy who checked all our gear at home and announced it to be fine, then he discovered that a junction box[?] 2-3 km back toward town had a fault that was affecting our line and he put a temp 'fix'in place. That lasted a couple of days and was wonderful while it lasted. More calls ended up with a cable team coming out and fixing what proved to be a major fault that had been there for some years by their estimation.

During that period of negotiation with TSP, I was told at one stage by an operator that our rural line noise was not her problem and what did she want me to do about it? I calmly:( replied that I wanted her to provide me with the service I WAS PAYING FOR. She repeated herself and asked the same question of me. I gave her the same reply because there could BE no other reply. We played this game 2 or 3 times more after which she told me that my attitude was not helping.
Also during this time, I wrote to Teresa Gattung, CEO of Teelcom, outlining my problems with the service and asking if she could make comment and offer a solution. That was on 5th Dec and I have yet to receive a reply. Clearly, it is true that Management sets the tone for all below it when it comes to customer service. I will send another letter and ask for my reply - will keep you posted, but dont hold your breath.
All was bloody marvey for about 3 weeks and then it went back to 'normal' overnight. Electric fence ticking on the phone, phone ringing once or twice at random with no on there, cant connect or stay connected. Totally shambolic useless sub standard service.

Thought this time I would make sure that nothing was wrong at this end before they (TSP) started on me again, so went back to my ISP who checked all my internet settings and proved them to be fine. We had a great discussion about the problems we and many many others were experiencing in rural areas and ISP suggested we try an internal serial modem as an alternative, as they lower the pressure on the computers resources and make is harder for line noise to break the connection. They advised against rural modem investments as their experience shows them not to be the best option for rural line users and they are more expensive! Bought and plugged in the new modem and things are very different now- I have been booted just twice in over a week, so that is something I can definitely live with.
Doesnt fix the crackly phone line or the fact that I had to make this purchase because of sub standard cabling, but it is a small local solution to a national problem for the meantime.

Jan - Manawatu

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19 years 2 months ago #40226 by caveweta
Replied by caveweta on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
It would be easier to assume EVERYONE has a problem with telecom and their lines in and out of the districts than the reverse, I don't know of anyone around our way that's happy with Telecom and their dialup speed, and as for broadband..... Yeah Right!

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19 years 2 months ago #40227 by ame
Replied by ame on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!

I have just set up a laptop with a modem. I am getting just under 50k on a Telstra line in Christchurch, but I will be giving the laptop to a friend on the Coast. He is on Telecom near Westport so I will report back with performance figures.

I know it will work as he has had visitors with laptops using the lines before, but I have no idea what speeds they were getting.


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19 years 2 months ago #40228 by Father Mulcahey
We live only 5 mins from town, in an area where there are plenty of lifestyle houses and vineyards etc.
But they still say jetstream is'nt available here.
They offered something called wireless and said it would cost over $500...........yeah right.
Lucky for jetstream here at work.

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19 years 2 months ago #40229 by ccrk9
Replied by ccrk9 on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
We have been on our little LSB for 2 weeks - we can go on internet in the morning (up to 11am ish) and at night (after 7pm ish) no problem -but try after miday till about 4pm and we continuosly get disconnected ![V][V][V][V]

Never had the problem in Wellington so I guess its something to do with where we are now.

We havent spoken to Telecom yet as have had to much else to worry about.

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable
living from a small piece of land. ~ Abraham Lincoln ~

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable
living from a small piece of land. ~ Abraham Lincoln ~

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19 years 2 months ago #40230 by Nancy F
Replied by Nancy F on topic Rural Internet - Fair Go!
I have to respond to Birman Babe's comment about Downers... I think it definately depends on the area.

We are in Manawatu and lost our phone during the floods in February last year because of the entire hill collapsing and taking the wires with it.. these guys climbed over all the sticky, sliding mud, trees, rocks - you name it - they climbed it draping a telephone cable to a spot where they could reconnect it and basically all to reconnect two homes who were isolated... All credit to them - it took about 6 weeks to re-open the road and in that time they were careful to make sure the heavy machinery didn't cut us off again and when the temporary cable started to break down - back they came to fix it... They were completely wonderful - maybe the Manawatu got the best ones.....;)



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19 years 2 months ago #40231 by Pumpkingirl
Our neighbour wanted Jetstream, couldn't get it, the exchange is too old, no capacity. So went to Wired Country to see if he was in their area, nope too many hills in the way.

Finally decided to put in two phone lines.. $550 each because it was two new lines. Outrageous! So he made his way up almost to the CEOs office to complain and got absolutely nowhere. They told him to pay up or they'd cut him off and that was just the way things were.

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