Cor! you can't even peel a banana around here!

16 years 5 months ago #758 by Ghilly
Bananas were on special at the supermarket so I got a big bunch.

Bria was asleep on her bed in the lounge when I decided to break a banana off from the bunch. The sound of it ripping from the others, Brias eyes opened. The sound of the top being ripped got her sitting up, the peeling of the banana, she was sitting at my feet licking her lips and tap dancing with her front feet on the wooden floor.

Now she's harassing me for the skin!

The carrot I peeled the other night got the same reaction.

Daft dog! Of course Pilot isn't going to ignore the signs, she has a sixth sense when Bria is onto a possible snack, no matter where she is, she'll know and within seconds of Bria sitting at me feet, Pilot is sitting too, each one shuffling a little closer, trying to get 'first in line'. They love bananas and carrots! I can't eat one in peace unless I put them outside and shut the door. Even then I have to endure the 'Looks' coming through the sliding door.

The kitchen floor is worked over thoroughly after we've sat down to eat, just in case something was dropped during cooking. They are both opportunists. Bria will even consider a bit of onion and once she trotted off in glee with a bit of onion skin. I found it later on her bed so obviously it wasn't to her liking but she wasn't going to let the chance slip by to find out if she liked onion skins.

Last week I found they'd managed to reach the scrap bin on the bench. Tea bags everywhere! The mashed spud with gravy on it was gone and so were the other bits and pieces. A few bits of egg shell were scattered and there were several tea bags and a bit of onion skin in the lounge bed. We'd run out of tea bags at one point and were using loose leaf tea, this was as far as the eye could see. It was a real pain to try and sweep up because it was wet and stuck to whatever it was on. Funnily enough, there were two dogs walking about who knew absolutely nothing about it, if they could have walked on hind legs with their front legs behind their backs and whistling, they would have done.
Pilot isn't as good at this feigning innocence. She can only keep it up for a short while before she legs it for the office and hides under Kims desk with soulfull eyes peering out, guilt dripping off her.
Bria is far more assertive. She struts about as though nothing happened.
Trouble is, Bria is shorter than Pilot. She can't reach that far back on the bench. My guess is Pilot tips the scrap bin over, rakes it to the edge of the bench and it falls to the floor. They both have a good pick through it. Anything left is distributed about the lounge for a closer perusal later.

Pilot likes to steal the inner cardboard roll from the toilet paper. This will be chewed until it is all wet and soggy, then carried around for the best part of a day and then chewed some more until there is nothing left. Bria wants her share just because she thinks she has a right to it. After a bit of a chew, she'll walk off and leave it. This is where Pilot gets sneaky. She spots this lonely bit of cardboard, Bria is asleep on the floor. Pilot trots out to the kitchen and starts to snuffle about in Brias food bowl. Bria leaps up thinking she's missing out. While Bria is investigating the area, Pilot whips back, pinches the cardboard and zooms off with it. Bria is none the wiser, she'd forgotten about it. If Pilot had tried to take it while Bria was there, things would have got niggly. Bria might not want it, but it's hers and she's not about to let Pilot have it.

Pilot plays the same trick if the heater is on and Bria is on her bed in front of it. Pilot wants the bed so she snuffles around in Brias bowl. Bria gets up to investigate and Pilot whips in, curls up in the bed and that is that. Bria returns to find the bed has been taken over.

We've watched this trick many times and it still makes us giggle at the sheer cunning of it. Bria can't help herself, if she thinks she's missed out and she knows the sound of her bowl on the floor, she's up and off to claim what she might be missing out on.

Who needs TV huh?


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16 years 5 months ago #50148 by ccrk9
My 13 year old dog loves bananas - skins and all! DH left a bunch in reach on the table and all I found was banana smeared all over the carpet (and yes he was an unwell dog for 24 hours after eating that lot!).:D

I was told banana skins are great chopped up and buried around rose plants - except the damn dog will dig up the skins and eats them, even when they are less than fresh[V]

He also loves cabbage, carrots, apples and strawberries (in fact any fruit, veggies or nuts). I was blaming the birds for the strawberries going misssing just as they were ripe till I caught the dog pushing up the wire netting and having a munch:(

And the I caught a cat muching on an ordinary mint plant this morning - no wonder its looking sad (the plant, not the cat)

Sometimes I wonder why we have the animals;)

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable
living from a small piece of land. ~ Abraham Lincoln ~

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16 years 5 months ago #50156 by Dream Weaver
Bria sounds like our Mama Cass. She is a complete oppotunist to, trouble is when she clicks we are eating something she will sit infront of us with those big sad brown eyes and drool like only a Rottie can do. She needs to lose some weight though but she hurt her ankle last weekend playing with her brother and another Rottie and ended up on anti inflams for a few days and orders to take things easy for awhile. She had trouble with the same ankle as a tiny pup, and old injury thats seems to pop up now and then. But hey she had a wonderful time having her brother and friend visit and was running around chasing the ball and trying to outrun her bro. She never managed to outrun him though, he is fitter and doesn't need to lose the weight Mama does, but it was the most wonderful sight to see 3 beautiful Rotties running free around the lawn having so much fun.

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16 years 5 months ago #50161 by Anne
Yakut, be thankful that your dogs like only the inner of the rolls of toilet paper. My puppies have discovered the joy of grabbing the loose end of loo paper and running off round the house with it. Puppy chewed toilet paper is NOT easy to clean up! And it always makes me laugh so much that I con't stop them from doing fast enough.

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16 years 5 months ago #50162 by Mich
Yakut - with a writing style like that, you need to write a book. Great post and I could picture it all. Wonderful.
Cheers, Mich.

Good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help someone up. Anon.

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16 years 5 months ago #50165 by Ghilly
Thanks Mich, [:I]

Kim has been playing around with her video camera and Pilot has decided she is going to be camera shy. You never know, it could launch itself at her and do something nasty!!!! Bria tends to like getting a close up of her nose and Rivka the cat couldn't give a toss about it but would dearly LOVE 'mummy' (Kim) to put it down and pay attention to HER! She wafts her tail across the lens and licks Kims hand and arm, then sticks her face into Kims and tries to knock the camera out of the way.

We've noticed that some visitors induce her to prove the Kim belongs to her. While Kim is trying to talk to them or show them something i=on the computer, Rivka is pushing a nudging Kims arm or hand or just simply all over her like a rash.

She's a weird one is that Rivka. I think she's part vampire. Just the bit that doesn't like daylight though. 22 hours is spent 'hiding' in the bedroom on the bed.
If you try to lift her off and carry her outside she grips the quilt with utter determination and to remove her from the bedroom will involve dragging the quilt part of the way behind you.
There are shrill squeaks of complaint mewing from her and if she panics, you've got a good chance of losing skin.
She'll go outside, around the house and scratch at the glass sliding door wanting to be let in.
One night I was watching one of those Ghost Hunt programmes and just as it got to the squealy scary music, Rivka dragged her claws down the glass. Every nerve in my body was electrified by this sound until reason took over and I realised it was madam wanting in. I'm sure she waitied for this moment just to maximize the effect.

I have lived in the same house as this moggy and she still acts like I'm about to skin her alive. No amount of fussing and patting and oochy coochy chat has changed her attitude.

She refuse point blank to share her eating space with the other two cats. Tree and Phoebe tolerate each other, especially at food time but Rivka will wait outside the door until they've finished or until I walk past, then she shoots off in a panic to the bedroom and hides.

She tenses up into a ball of nerves if I pat her. Kim can do no wrong, she literally wants to possess Kim. Of course this runs a little thin when Kim is busy on the computer and Rivka is bumping her arm or smooching her face. She gets pushed off onto the floor and if yelled at, there's a strong possibility she'll run off and throw up somewhere.

I don't think I've ever met a cat quite like her.
Some people she completely ignores, others she runs from and others she makes such a fuss of both Kim and I are gobsmacked.

She makes out she's terrified of the dogs and yet she'll quite calmly waltz past them without the twitch of a whisker. I guess it depends on how she's feeling at that particular second in time.

Pilot was only about 6 weeks old the day she arrived in our family. Within less than an hour the poor little tyke had a rip in her ear from Rivka who had blatantly marched out, belted her one and sat glaring at her. Pilot had just been sitting looking all cute and bewildered as puppies do and WHAM! a pierced ear.

Bria was raised with Tree, so she had an inkling of what cats were capable of. Tree is not one to be toyed with.
H.P's O.H was eyeing up Tree on the back of the couch when they came over the other day. He started making a fuss of Tree but was going a bit far. I warned him she will belt him one if he doesn't go gently with her. He decided to see how far he could get and within seconds he was wearing her around one arm. No one messes with 'Hiss' and gets away with it. She got the nickname 'Hiss' for a reason! [}:)];)

Phoebe is just a muffin. I call her 'Feet like cloud'. She goes into raptures on my lap if I scratch her around the ears and face. She almost collapses, rolls her head in my lap and twists her head almost upside down in delight. The purring if deafening. She never uses her claws or teeth, even at the vets. She just sits there in a crouch and even if she doesn't like it, she won't raise a paw to anyone. Her vet Mel loves her. Who wouldn't!

It's amazing, the dynamics of animals living under the same roof.
When H.P and his O.H got their little dog Harry last year, everything went out of kilter for a while. This little Aussie Terror, sorry Terrier was tiny but he certainly made a big place for himself in the family. Everyone else had to change their position slightly. The other three dogs had to adjust to this energetic addition.

Kims two cats had never lived with a dog before they came to NZ. Then they had to deal with a dog and another cat, then a puppy, not to mention the kid goats inside. Tree will actually schmooze with Pilot and Bria and if in the mood, will schmooze a kid goat too. This involves rubbing the side of her face against theirs as she walks past them and wraps her tail about their face as she leaves. Phoebe gives them a wide berth and Rivka has as little to do with them as she can.

Phoebe is having a bit of a problem with the chooks at the moment. Every time she wants to go out and I open the door, the chooks think it's something being offered to them and crowd the steps. Phoebe takes one look and changes her mind, she'll go out the back door instead if she really needs to go out.

We think we lay the law down in this house but really, if you look closely, it's the cats and dogs. You sit down to eat dinner or watch TV, Someone will want to go out or come in. In the meantime, one of them will be pinching kindling out of the box and taking it for wee walks around the house or playing 'It's really a mouse!' with it.
Bria, Pilot and Tree aruge between themselves over who is going to sit where in front of the gas heater. The whiff of singed fur wafts across the room, words are uttered about moving "away from the heater you daft tart" and suspicious glances from whoever it was that caused the smell shoot about the room in accusation that it must have been someone else.

They rule the roost!


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16 years 5 months ago #50166 by Kiwi303
the stories are a little disjointed, a it of polish to make them flow some more nd you could rival Herriot in the stories-aout-animals slot in the bookstores :)

You Live and Learn, or you don't Live Long -anon

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16 years 5 months ago #50168 by Ghilly
Welcome to my hell Kiwi303 [}:)];)


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16 years 5 months ago #50169 by Mich
Agree with Kiwi303 - WRITE THAT BOOK!!!! I know that some people will say we just transfer human behaviour and emotions on to our animals and that they don't really act the way we interpret , but the longer I live with them, the more I'm convinced that they do "think" through what they do and how they react to things - we really are their slaves and boy, don't they know it.
Cheers, Mich.

Good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help someone up. Anon.

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