A close shave !

16 years 11 months ago #637 by Waffling Milk Maid
We can laugh at it as it could have been so much worse!

Jasmine and her sister Freyja (our burmese girls) were getting spayed today. My boss/breeder was covering the cost, as that's part of the 'price' of the kittens (lol, though I got Jasmine for free that's beside the point!) though I'm paying for them to be microchipped at the same time. My boss also decided to get the girls grandmother spayed, as we've decided we don't really want to breed her again, she's a sweety, but two entire girls is trouble sometimes! So I took my girls in, and my boss dropped off Mellow, the grandma, a little later.

The vet clinic is right next door to my work (a dog groomers) so they usually just bring the girls back through to us when they're awake and ready. However today, I got a phone call around 10am from them "Amy, what's with this neutered male!??!" Hu!!!?????? So they get me to come next door into the operating room, and there is Rico, my bosses neutered boy, anethestised on the table. They tell me to look in his travel cage on the floor, and Mellow glares at me from beneth the dry-bed in there, where she is almost camoflaged by the same lilac colouring.

Mellow was put into the cage last night, so she wouldn't have any food but the other cats could. This morning my boss did comment on how heavy she felt in the cage, but thought nothing of it. Rico at some stage got in there with his sister, the vets pulled him out as Mellow herself was hiding. The vets did wonder at the size of this 'queen', but he wasn't happy about being there so they put him under straight away. And then looked.

Poor Rico! It could have been worse, they could have shaved him, or even opened him up if they hadn't noticed!!! Or it could have been Krystal; Mellows entire (same coloured and sized) daughter who got in there, and they'd have spayed her without knowing it wasn't Mellow until possibly too late! My boss is also lucky I am right next door and know her (3 lilac burmese) cats by sight, so could confirm who they had!!! As it was, he did get anesthetised, but was soon in a cage waking up again as he wasn't on it long enough to get really doped up.

Mellow is now safely spayed, as are Jasmine and Freyja. Rico doesn't know what to think of it all, but is getting cuddles anyway so doesn't really mind too much now. The girls are curled up on our laps, a little sore but still happy.

It could have been so much worse, but because it wasn't, so we can laugh. I wonder if it'll teach him not to be nosey and follow his sister into a cage... Doubt it!


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16 years 11 months ago #48266 by Midge
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16 years 11 months ago #48273 by Dream Weaver
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Oh no lol that could have been so much worse. What a good bro though getting in to be with his sister, nearly at his cost. Lol

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16 years 11 months ago #48321 by ccrk9
Replied by ccrk9 on topic A close shave !
Old vet saying - you are not a proper vet till you have tried to spey a male cat!

I had a vet who saw a kitten, sexed it as female did all its vacinations etc. At six months of age it came in to be speyed, we opened it up and couldnt find the right bits, had a second vet have a look at the cat while it was on the operating table - decided to close the cat up and send it home with the offer that if it came into season we would spey it. Vet was telling her partner about it and he turned around and said are you sure it was female ?? We got the cat back in and sure enough it was a male (although not well developed!)[:I][:I]

Result - I never ever trust a vet to sex an animal and always check before we operate!

Must admit I did get caught out many years ago at a local SPCA by a woman that came in to look at all the stray cats as hers had gone missing - she picked her cat out and I told her it couldnt be her cat as it was a tortoise shell - and her cat didnt match the description and was male. She insisted it was her cat so I got it out of the cage - sure enough it was a neutered male totie !![:I] so ever since then I have also always checked the sex of any tortie cats I have in the clinic - much to all the vets ammusement.

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