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16 years 10 months ago #598 by maggies mum
Embarrassing moments was created by maggies mum
We've all had them at some point, some of us more than others no doubt!

Llamafarmer suggested a new topic might be a good idea, so here we are!

I'll kick off:

Many years ago when I was young and gorgeous thing, whilst out at a nighclub in me best frock, face on and the hair fashionably cut, after the odd one or two cocktails, one felt one needed a trip to the ladies room.
I did what I had to do, and redid me lippy! I trotted out on me high heels and wiggled past a group of rather handsome young men!

"Hey darlin'" one called to me as I passed

"Mmmmm yes!" said I fluttering me eyelashes tryin my best not too wobble tooo much

"You've got something on your shoe!!"

I turned to look and to my horror, some loo roll had attached itself to my heel and had followed me out of the ladies!

Somewhere it was probably attached to the holder and someone in the cubicle was frantically trying to grab the end before it disappeared for ever!
Anyway trying to be cool about it I said

"Why, thank you very much!"

And as I bent to grab the rail that led down a flight of small flight of stairs, I totally misjudged the distance of arm length to rail and missed! I flew like a, would like to say eagle, but felt like a turkey, down the stairs. To add insult to injury me skirt flew up over me head and exposed me drawers to everyone!

I'm happy to say that the loo paper came off!

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16 years 10 months ago #47615 by llamafarma
Replied by llamafarma on topic Embarrassing moments
I was once having a chat in the pub with a very loud juke box, and as the song ended, continued with my conversation along the line of, and its TRUE i tell you... "I'VE NEVER BOUGHT A PORNO!!!!"

2 Goats, 7 Chooks, 1 Cat 1 Dog, (RIP Jake) & 2 Kunekune's.......& a fabulous new rescue GSD,for now.......

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16 years 10 months ago #47617 by witheze
Replied by witheze on topic Embarrassing moments
I always chuckle about the time at work I was asked to get the I.S. people to the conference room as they couldn't get Power Point to go. I in my wisdom thought "fools, they need the electricians" and sent them off. They rang back and said "nothing wrong there, everything seems to be working" It was days later that it was explained to me that Power Point was to do with computering.[:I] I was duly awarded " Nitwit of the Week" :D

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16 years 10 months ago #47624 by Muddy
Replied by Muddy on topic Embarrassing moments
The most absolutley embarresing encounter i have ever had happened a couple of years ago.
There is a show called most haunted where i managed to get tickets to be in the audience for the most haunted live show in the round chapel in hackney,london.
just to explain briefly what goes on is you arive at 5pm and enter the studio.at 8pm they record acces all areas with julien clegg.
then the main show is on from 9pm to 12 pm.
the only toilet breaks you are allowed is when the breaks is on which is three minutes but if you are any longer they dont let you back in the studio and they will always have replacements to fil your seat and you are not allowed back in there.
there was 600 people watching the show that night.
ok back to the story
we got into the studio at around 530pm and noticed that we were right by the door to out outside for the loos.as we soon discovered there was only eight portaloos for the complete audience s owe thought we had better go before the loos got to filthy and so we didnt have to go later on.
The loo i went in was extreamly poorly lit and already wasnt in the best of state so sitting just wasnt a option.
i should also add here that im not the smallest of ladys.
so i pulled down my jeans and knickers and did the backward shuffle aimed and peed.
wiped pulled up my jeans and knickers and realised that i had compleaty missed the loo and must have done the whole pee in my jeans.
i was lucky that i had a long black fleece coat on which covered up the damp patch.
the only thing i could do was sit in them whilst watching the entire show but as you can imagen after five hours under stuidio lights the smell was something to be desired.[:0][:I]

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16 years 10 months ago #47662 by Jan
Replied by Jan on topic Embarrassing moments
When I had just started work in welly, You could take a short cut that goes in between 2 building sites or go up a hill which was a lot longer and more tiring.

So I used to go thru the building sites. One particular time I was walking past, I got wolf whistles and the like. Well being young and naive I thought that was pretty cool, so i lifted my head up, smiled and felt pretty snug.....until i got to my work.

I went to the loo and realised that my skirt zip was undone at the back, i didn't have an underskirt on (or was the skirt lined) so my lovely pink knickers where there to be seen by all!![:I][:I]

Needless to say i never went thru the building site again!! What made it worse though , was knowing that i had got on the train like that, the walked from the station to work which was about a 15 minute walk ...all in rush hour!! ARGHHHHH[:I]


North Wairarapa on 30 odd acres of paradise.

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16 years 10 months ago #47666 by Scouse Girl
Replied by Scouse Girl on topic Embarrassing moments
I got ready for work yesterday...and arrived to find that I had one blue and one black shoe on....but lucky enough no one notice until I told them as I was leaving.

Ye know what I mean?...no!

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16 years 10 months ago #47773 by jeannielea
Replied by jeannielea on topic Embarrassing moments
I once got on a double decker bus in Sydney with a heavy suitcase which I put in the luggage place near the door of the bus. No seats downstairs so we went up the top. After a stop further up the road, I saw my case somersaulting down the road behind us. Luckily someone stopped the bus and it was retrieved and put back on. I was only 19 at the time and never admitted to it being mine but waited till everyone else got off before I grabbed it and ran.

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16 years 10 months ago #47972 by digby
Replied by digby on topic Embarrassing moments
I was at an Indian wedding and saw a old school teacher of mine ... "Mr Patel" , I said and 750 people turned their head.

Digby [:)]

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16 years 10 months ago #47982 by DiDi
Replied by DiDi on topic Embarrassing moments
The most embarrassing moment of my life is right now because I can't remember any! B****Y heck - is it age - is it my Catholic upbringing? HEEELP - how boring a life. Save me!

Actually I do have a moment and it has to do with a bloke but I could only tell that one to another female and I'd have to know you would laugh...'cause you KNOW what I mean. GRIN. Sorry.

Knickers and stairwells - MM - I was never that out of control... I think... I just wish I could remember... you tart you...now that rings a bell...

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16 years 10 months ago #47989 by lady yank
Replied by lady yank on topic Embarrassing moments
I was vacuuming one morning when the vacuum hose plugged. I looked down the hose to see if I could see the clog. No luck. I turned on the vacuum and blew real hard into the hose trying to jar it loose. After a couple tries with no success, I decided to go shopping instead. I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. I was out most of the day, and when I returned home, my hubby was already there. He looked at me rather funny as I walked in the door. He told me to go look in the mirror. I had a big dirty ring around my mouth where I had blown into the vacuum hose, and another around my right eye.

Don't make me release the flying monkeys!

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16 years 10 months ago #48259 by Hestia
Replied by Hestia on topic Embarrassing moments
I once had a friend called Baron, he had heaps of old classic chryslers and among them was a chrylser le baron.
Baron and I was really good friends and we used to go out together, never any interest in each other than friends and we did talk a lot.
Baron often told stories about his old mate Pingis.
Pingis was the shy guy that did take his dates and get as many sharp bends in fast speed as he could so they would slide close to him, bench seat and no seatblets in those days. Pingis did do a burnout to impress some girls in town and did hit a tram and 7 parked cars. Pingis did do so many things that was either silly or totally embarassment.I never saw Barons friend Pingis.
A couple of years later I did date a guy and we had a meal out on a fancy resturant and when we left it started to rain heavy, so heavy that many people stopped under the resurants awning. My date did find a old work collegaue of his standing under the awning in the rain and he offered that we could drive him home.This guys name was Peter.
Since the two guys hadn't seen each other for a long time I decided to sit in the rear seat and let the guys talk.
During the travel this guy said something about a friend of him that had a chrysler le baron, I said you know the baron? Oh yes he did know him! we started to say names to see who we both knew,,one of the names was pingis. This nice guy peter told a story about Pingis and we laughed, then I told a story I had heard and we laughed.
When at peters house he opened the rear door like a gentleman and held up the front door so I could go and sit in the front seat.
peter gave me a hug and kissed me and said: babe, you have now been kissed by Pingis! Did I blush or did I blush, I had been telling so many stories that I had heard a bout Pingis and he had had fun and encouraged me! :)

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