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15 years 11 months ago #5977 by jeannielea
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Does anyone belong to one and can give me idea as to how they are run? Where do books come from etc? Thanks.

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15 years 11 months ago #108668 by George
Replied by George on topic Book Clubs
I am a member of one affiliated with the WEA. Each member of the group pays $47 a year and gets 10(ish) books (one a month) to read and then return. Everyone reads the same book each month. The advantage is you don't have to buy books but the disadvantage is you don't get to keep them either. You get to provide a list of books you would like to read from their catalogue and then they give you those and others is they are all being used by other groups.

Our group is considering stopping that next year and buying our own books. Essentially everyone will buy 2-3 books a year, read them and then pass them on to someone else. The advantage of that is you get a wider range of books than that avaiable at the WEA. The disadvantage is that rarely will more than one person have read the same book before the discussion. I think the idea is to discuss a book several times as more people read it and have an opinion on it.

I like the way it works now, especially as I get to read books I wouldn't usually choose but I am happy to give the suggested change a go.

I also have a friend who is in a book club where everyone buys the book every month, which I think might work out a bit expensive over the year.

The most important part of the book club of course is not the book but the wine drunk at the meeting!


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15 years 10 months ago #109129 by jeannielea
Replied by jeannielea on topic Book Clubs
Thanks George, Unfortunately there won't be wine at this group as the U3A here is just beginning and the book Group is to be part of it. At present numbers are small so its been suggested that we begin by bring a couple of favourite books that we are prepared to lend to all others. as in your new format, they will be discussed several times as more people have read them. We will have to sort out what to do from there when the initial books have all been read though and that's why I'm keen to know what other groups do.

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15 years 10 months ago #109162 by PlanB
Replied by PlanB on topic Book Clubs
We have a book club that has been running for three years now. Ours is at the friendly / informal end of the spectrum - more of a book swap.

How it works - each month someone hosts dinner or lunch (the hostess provides everything, so you never bring any food until it is at your house when you do everything). Everyone brings a stack of books which they talk about and then they go into a pile. At the end of the night it is first in, first served. You can borrow whatever book(s) take your fancy. works wonderfully.

have fun.

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15 years 9 months ago #117071 by Safi
Replied by Safi on topic Book Clubs
My book group has been up and running for almost ten years. We meet every second month (dates are set a year in advance) We each buy a book (7 members) and it get's passed through the group over the 8 week period. We don't all read all the books - but you do get the chance to stumble on real treasures that you mightn't have chosen for yourself!
Our meetings are informal, chatty, supper (we each take a turn to host - so you only have to do the food and wine thing every 2nd year - as we also go out for a meal twice a year and stay late talking at restaurants!).
Next March (10th anniversay) we have saved hard and are having a week in Norfolk Island - the site of some of the books we have read. Would really recommend setting up a book group - it's an awesome way to make and keep good friendships - and satisfy the need to read!!

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