Hanukkah's gone home

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Yesterday I took Hanukkah home. Today I felt like half of my 'herd' had left. She's only just over six months old, so not fully grown but what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality and character.

H.P has moved all his goats to Hanukkahs home to stay for a while so for me to take Hanukkah back is fairly insignificant by comparison.

Cricket, I think, is missing her wee buddy. I took her and Yakut out onto our slightly overgrown driveway for a bit of a munch. They both enjoyed themselves. Yakut was making some great crunchy chewing noises and gobbling down great mouthfulls of grass and milk thistle whilst Cricket was making sure she had a great bulging gob full before she stopped for a chew. They had an audience the whole time with Fox Song and Dodie following their every move up the fenceline and Anzac the neighbours horse watching on in envy. His paddock is like a ruddy bowling green. The grass in it would have to be measured in millimetres rather than centimetres. I picked some handfulls for him which he greatfully accepted. Poor buggar.

The other girls and Mr Tumnus had gone off down to the back paddock while I was clipping Crickets hooves. I think it was a sort of mass evacuation, just in case they were next. Yakut seemed conent to stay sitting on the mound so they got first dibs on the picnic on the driveway. The others came back up just as I was getting Cricket and Yakut back into the paddock so I grabbed Koru and took her out for a bit of a graze. She has become quite jumpy lately and was 'on guard' the whole time, startling at the slighest movement. I have no idea what that's about. I did sort out her hooves yesterday so maybe she's a bit miffed about that as well.

I used my new hoof knife which works great but I have since found out that I would have been better off with a left handed knife. Goats feet are trimmed in the opposite direction to those of a cow so the blade is on the wrong side, although the knife I bought is double sided the 'off' side has only the top half as a blade. Oh well, another lesson learned.

I was expecting to be 'sung to' all the way to Cambridge yesterday. Hanukkah isn't fussed on travelling, well she wasn't at all impressed being in the back of the ute. I tired her out in the back of the ute a couple of months ago and she panicked as soon as I put her in. I never even got to shut the back up. Sunday night while I was trying to get to sleep, I thought about the best way to get her to travel. I went from the back of the ute to using Brias' car harness in the back of the cab to putting her in the big cage in the back of the car.
She barely fitted in the cage but the addition of some grain in a bowl and some hay and straw seemed to do the trick and apart from a short but very loud aria as I drove down our driveway, she barely uttered a sound. I don't think she likes laying down though. I reckon the vibration from the car affects her tummy when she lies down because she kept sitting up with her knees resting on the bottom of the cage.

She's got lots of cousins to play with now and seemed to be settling in quite well although I will e-mail to see how she's doing.
She was confronted by a couple of her cousins as soon as she went into the barn and ran and hid behind me. Awwww my baby! Then she realised there were another pair of human legs in the barn and when the others got a bit close she went and hid behind them.

When I went to leave she came up to the gate and gave me sniffs and I gave her a cuddle.

I also saw the two new babies born at the begining of June. Oooh they are lovely. Two little bucks. One actually died three times and was revived each time and seems quite bright and alert now. Hopefully he'll be fine and grow into a big handsome boy. These two are quite special, they came from two Australian imported does. Both very cute and gorgeous. I wanted so much to give them cuddles but they had just woken up and were having a bottle each. There is something just so..... so...... gorgeous about these newborns when they're having their bottle. You forget just how tiny they are. Hanukkah was only a few days old when I picked her up and brought her home, tiny little thing. She spent the first week or so just sleeping and drinking her bottle. By about two weeks they are into everything, (if you have them inside the house [:I] ).

Kim wants a break from having kids around this year. Personally, I don't mind at all but she's a bit over having bottles and milk powder and having to be on hand every four hours. If we go out anywhere, they have to come with us, along with all the bottles, milk powder, cage, etc etc etc. She's also had enough of the lounge being over run with kid paraphenalia, cage, towels, hay, straw, etc etc etc.
We need a bigger house, that's all!:D.

If it were up to me, we'd have a house that had space for raising kids. A place that's warm and where I can get ready access to my charges. There's nothing quite like being able to sit and watch TV with a tiny kid on your lap, all sacked out after its bottle. The little yawns and stretches, the little contented sighs.
[}:)] yeah, I know, Cluck, cluck, cluck. ;)

When it's warm enough outside, they go out and go nuts, leaping about and dancing around, it's great to watch them. Before you know it, they're all grown it seems such a long time ago they were smaller than a cat and all 'drunk' from their bottle, fast asleep on your lap like a little breathing hot water bottle.
..... I'm sorry... there's no hope for me, I'm smitten.


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17 years 1 month ago #46568 by Dream Weaver
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Awwwwwww Yakut BIG Hugs mate. You are going to miss your wee charge heaps mate.I hope that you will be able to pop and visit when you need to. It will be a whole change of pace for Hanukkah to, having lots of cousins to play with etc. I am sure she will be very well looked after, but know how you must feel. Its nicer when we have them and not have to give them back.
Oh can you not talk Kim into letting you have even just 1 wee tot this year to look after??? It would just not be you to not have a wee baby to snooze on your lap. tell Kim we will also miss out on hearing all those lovely stories of how your wee new born charges are doing, sharing the laughs and the tears with you. Oh Kim ya just gotta let Yakut have even just 1!
Yes a bigger house would be great, then you could have your wee ones close but contained lol. don't give up this year, maybe there will be some wee dot who desperately needs some 1 on 1 care and I am sure Kim would not be able to say no.

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17 years 1 month ago #46607 by Ghilly
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Ha ha, you wanna bet Smilie? If I fostered another kid this year, she'd have a blue fit. Our place isn't very big, one of those James Hardy type places, three bedrooms but small and compact. A cage inside big enough to house a small tot makes moving around rather difficult, especially as the weather has been very fickle and the clothes rack never gets a rest. With that up, a cage inside, three cats and two dogs tripping us up at every doorway (what is it with dogs and lying in doorways?)..... well without a cage inside harsh words are muttered so I don't want to push my luck..... again.

Ooooh but I'd love a wee charge to look after again.
It's a funny thing but after three months or so of bottle feeding, I get quite fed up with feed times but after a few months of no bottles, I miss it and so miss having a tiny one to look after.

I'm a bit busy anyway now..... but funnily enough, you know, I'd still be able to manage feed times.
Kim refuses to let herself become addicted to goats. Mr Tumnus and Yakut are her favourites, the others are just 'there'.

I have very fond memories of feeding Mr Tumnus when he was a baby. He was SO tiny and hated his bottle, clenched his lips together every feed time. Kim would be up at six in the morning, his bottle would be filled and he would be wrapped in a towel. I would be woken up and Mr Tumnus would be handed to me with his bottle. I'd try and get as much milk into him as he would take, which was usually only about 150mls if I was lucky, then we'd both fall asleep again. He would just snuggle into the towel beside me and not budge an eyelash until about ten. Just the odd stretch, yawn and a milky burp along with what is called Flemming(sp?) where they stretch their top lip out as far as it will go. This usually went with a general stretch. Oh so very cute in such a tiny chap. He almost got called Bertie Wooster.



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17 years 1 month ago #46615 by Dream Weaver
Replied by Dream Weaver on topic Hanukkah's gone home
Awwww Yakut you were made to have wee charges.

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