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Back onto our search for farming property that fits the budget and gives us a decent amount of land, what is the greater Dargaville area like? Any worries up there? Stock pinching? Is farming a like minded enterprise up there or on its way out from the townie push? Thankyou

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Some excellent land around Dargaville. A mixture of river silt, clay sandstone pan depending on where you go. Most people who have dairy interests also have a run-off especially if the land they farm is flat, as it gets wet, towards Whangarei, you will start to run into volcanic soils, Some patches of good land out towards, Hoanga or Arapahui, Tiriwiri good land down towards Pouto, out at the coast may be more expensive but very good coastal properties, some run down areas, don't think we've ever had cattle theft, nice town where you can get everything, and Whangarei only 30mins away for bigger things. A bit of the Manana malaise and a lot of unemployment since the dairy factory closed. Good sale yards and a number of trucking firms, good fertilizer and lime support companies, freezing works, good civic facilities, fishing either trout at Kai-iwi, sea at any of the west coast beaches, or down at Pouto, eels in the Northern Wairoa, Good land around Mamaranui and Maropiu but some flooding along the the Kaihu river valley, north of Kaihu towards the forest, is good quality land semi volcanic, or Waihui which is back into clay. Land formation from flat to rolling hills and steeper in between.
Tangowahine area pretty nice which is between Dargaville and Whangarei. or even south of Ruawai at Matakohe. saw this one which gives a good idea of contour. price reflects no house Matakohe this property not far off state highway 12.

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