Have you tried Devining to find water or something thats lost?

6 years 4 months ago #533813 by Kiwi Tussock
Have you ever tried Divining?
I grabbed a few books out of the library and tried it. 1st with #8 wire Rods from an old bit fencing and then, also gave crystals a go. (pendulum).
Both worked with VERY little practice.
I practiced where I knew buried water pipes were and then, later when I got a bit more confidant, went to buried power wires going to the house.
Both worked!
Now when I 'misplace" my reading glasses outside, I can find them! B......marvelous! ! ! AND its free!

Apparently, the more Milli amps your body produces, the better and more easy it is to Divine.
Using a simple old Multi-metre, I find I give off up to 40 mili-amps but more normal is between 28 and 32.
I've met one chap who zapped up to 51milli-amps ! He can find water on maps and does it for Outback farmers in Aussie while in NZ. Extraordinary ay!

We have just got hold of a bit of dirt down Sth. The house that had been there had been bulldozed away and there was NO sign of there ever having been a house there. The house was burnt down but because it was there before the District water scheme was put in place, I reckoned there would likely have been a bore.
I spoke to oldies from the area & most people had bores.
I walked up and down in a about one to two metre wide grid pattern, then went across the same ground at right angles.
I picked up several spots of interest. Some reactions stronger than others.
I pegged each one with a bit of small diameter bamboo.

The following day, I started off by visualizing a pipe going down into the ground and water sitting in it.
Then, using the same Divining Rods (bent in an "L" shape) I walked over those previously pegged spots.

Some pegs gave not re-occurring reaction so I took out the peg & forgot about the pozi.
The strongest one, I dug with a shovel and b.... me, the concrete septic tank was still there and intact.
Next was a clay drainage pipe union to the septic tank.
but I didn't find what I was looking for.

A month later, on my next trip down there, I did the Divining on the strongest reactions again. I had contracted a small digger there to do other work and asked him to dig where I had potted about digging 2 of the locations with my shovel. I wanted him to go down about a metre.

The 1st hole nuttin'

Second hole,,.... nuttin'

Back to the 1st hole for another few scoops.... EUREKA ! ! !
The 2 inch casement pipe was there. Now bent a bit but I found it!

I bought an old 2" thread cutting tool, which I had no idea how to use, but practiced on the bent bit which I had cut off. I then was able to extended the pipe to just above ground level.

Talk about sense of achievement! ! !
the static water level is only 6.3 metres down!

All this whacko stuff really works and for us, it likely saved us tens of thousands of $.

HAVE A GO! Its fascinating and can be SO UTTERLY rewarding.

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6 years 4 months ago #533814 by Stikkibeek
I can divine water. My mother used to complain that the corner of one of her rooms always felt cold. I set to work and concluded it was most likely a mine shaft since is was relatively straight and a uniform width. Probably also running water.

I use a forked green willow stick, or, one of those giant rushes, bent in centre and with two hand holds bent outward, a bit like feet. Both work equally well.
I haven't tried looking for cables or pipes.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S

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