Looking for a remote paddock to rent for an event. Know anywhere?

6 years 11 months ago #530841 by Gwilym
Hey guys. My name is Gwilym. I'm part of a new music collective establishing in Auckland, Twin Digits.

We're looking for people who are willing to rent out a paddock for a for a dance party. Initially the parties will be small,but we can potentially do a large party as well.

Ideally the location will be at least a couple km away from neighbors and/or somewhere acoustically isolated so neighbours are not effected by noise. Hills, forest, coastal areas and enclaves can be good for this.

In terms of a setting, somewhere near a beach, river or body of water suitable for swimming would be amazing. Somewhere with native trees and plant life or interesting views or geological features... really any pretty nature would be a bonus. But the main thing we will be concerned with when choosing a location is noise. Somewhat paradoxically we also want somewhere not too far from Auckland, like 1-3 hours away would be fine. We will consider places further away though.

A little bit about us, we are a small group of friends with quite a lot of support from a wider crew and we've just had our launch party which was a really nice night. Everyone is chill and responsible, we have the resources and capacity and contacts to put on a pretty decent and comfortable party. We've all been involved in event and festival organising, some work in this field professionally. Just to mention a few of the bigger festivals our members have been apart of Twisted Frequency, Chronophonium & Kiwiburn,

The kind of music we like is DNB, Jungle, Breakcore, Industrial Techno, Hardcore and more. We're open to the idea of multiple zones, live music, chill ambient spaces as well. The kind of party we will put on will be purely positive, creative gathering for the love of art, music, nature and socialising.

Even if you don't personally have any kind of space to do a party,or you're not up for it; we would super-appreciate any help finding somewhere. :)

Feel free to check us out on facebook:


Feel free to PM me if you wish and we can take it from there. :)

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