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7 years 1 month ago #526444 by Kiwi Tussock
I have put this inside another Topic but thought others may benefit.
I have a shed which Im trying to solve a noise problem in.

"If anyone else has noise problems, this might be of interest to thee.
I was speaking to a cobber (retired architect) yesterday and he spoke of a product to use in the ceiling cavity, called AUTEX ( www.autex.co.nz .)
He was saying that AUTEX makes several products to assist with noise reduction.
One product comes in sheet material (looks like a dressed up version of the old Pinex stuff) as well as one being available in a loose fiber type of blanket. There is apparently other forms of it as well.
I recall him saying that the company gave him a veranda's ceiling lot of it to test the sound deadening features. (he over looks the Auckland wharves where at times lots of wharf noises are a problem & the noise bounced off the veranda ceiling & into his apartment).
Anyway, it really does reduce the noise, so I'll be looking into that product for the ceiling of the shed. Its not cheap but the sheets are pre-finished in a range of colours & easily attached."
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