Is there any interest/demand for Organic Forestry/Farm blocks

6 years 4 months ago #519234 by countrylife
Hi everyone,

I am just doing some background research for a client who is looking at subdividing off a bit of land from his main farm.
The block is basically forestry/grazing type land and the owner has worked on organic principles for the last 3 years.
Could potentially suit honey production, eco house, or plant in further pines or native bush. Great views of countryside.

The best part is its only 10 minutes to Whangarei town!

Does anyone know if there is much interest/demand in these sort of properties?
Look forward to hearing your feedback.

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6 years 4 months ago #519236 by muri
I would imagine the only way that you would know if there is a demand is to put up an ad on trade me and see what response you get.
Certainly pines dont make great grazing blocks and the land underneath pines is pretty unpalatable to most stock
It would not make a useful block for hone production as there would be inadequate fodder for bees from the block.
Pines dont really have much value these days and a small block would not be viable probably to mill
Also, it would depend on how the trees have been looked after, whether they have been pruned properly for milling or just left to grow.
I had 200 pines taken out here and their value was as firewood and I got not a cent for any of the trees as the person took them out for free
When you say that it is run on organic principles I am not sure what that would mean to you and three years is a very short life time in the life span of a tree. Most trees are grown organically insofar as they look after themselves.
Running trees on organic principles to me would require making organic compost and feeding the trees. Is that what is happening with them do you think?

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6 years 4 months ago #519237 by countrylife
Hi Muri,

Thanks for your reply. So this block is basically about 19.5ha in total with about 8-10ha in pines some of which have been harvested and some in second rotation now (8yrs to 15 yrs old). The trees have been pruned and are well looked after. There is also a bit of native bush in the gullies and the rest is pasture, so I was thinking if someone planted manuka plants (or other plants that are suitable) there could be potential to produce manuka honey which is worth good money at the moment. The owner wants to cut the 19.5ha block into 4 smaller blocks, but I'm thinking in terms of costs involved he would be better off selling the block as one.
As far as organic principles are concerned this block is part of a larger dairy farm that he wants to subdivide so the entire farm is running organic methods at the moment as it's in the process of getting organic certification. So the bare land that he is looking at selling also has not had any chemical sprays or commercial fertilisers used (just seaweed and fish blood and bone) including the bare land where pasture is growing for cattle grazing, so I think it would certainly suit someone who is into organics or sustainable living.
Given the contour of the land I think it would also suit an eco type house (wind turbines, solar panels, etc) as there is no power.

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6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #519248 by rider1803
One thing that I would also take into consideration with subdividing is how much land a bank will readily lend on as a lifestyle block, some banks have restrictions - i.e 10ha max or they may require a larger deposit. This can make it harder for buyers to get a mortgage and thus cut out a number of buyers as well.
To me the block you are describing will have a very limited audience due to the nature of the build needing to be off-grid, a lot of people are making this choice but it is nice to have a choice.

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6 years 4 months ago #519249 by countrylife
Thanks for that information rider1803. I will do some more research on banks and lending.
Definitely a limited audience for this property, hence some background research is going into it before deciding how to put together a marketing campaign for it.

Will keep you all informed of progress.

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6 years 4 months ago #519257 by tonybaker
if he wants to sell it, then you need to make it easy for the prospective purchaser.

Get some indication from council that it is ok to subdivide. Check what subdivision costs are, eg. surveyor, road entrance, access track etc.
Check availability of power & water.
If the water is coming from the main block, then ask council if that is ok.
Check internet reception.
Get a valuation and sound out banks on what they will lend.

If you can do all this it will discourage tyre kickers......

Good luck.....

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