Bank Card Skimming

8 years 6 days ago #515720 by muri
Bank Card Skimming was created by muri
Had a call from my bank asking to ring about my debit card
Thought, dont need to do that, I hardly ever use the thing.
Later that night when i looked in my accounts on line, I saw I had joined the Uk Psyche Co. bought clothes on line, taken an Uber taxi, bought films through Netflix, and booked tickets in Leicester Square etc etc.
The long and short of it was the bank picked it up immediately, the money will be refunded, but there is a process and now I have no Debit card and half my account is frozen.
The suggestion from the bank, and this makes sense, and worth thinking about if your card is connected to accounts with some money in them is to open a new account, solely to service the debit card and when you want to make a payment on line, transfer funds across for that particular payment.
In the last 6 months it has only be used to top up Trade Me and I am assured from both the bank and Trade Me their site is very safe, but also gave my card details to the Power co to start up a new power account!
I think I spent most of Friday trying to sort this out, so it is well worth looking at working the card off an account with very limited funds
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8 years 5 days ago #515768 by Muz1
Replied by Muz1 on topic Bank Card Skimming
Had similar problems last Christmas. Bank contacted us just before new year asking us to check with them. They had picked up unusual transactions (for us) of dvd's, games etc. When we checked further a transaction to Go-Pro existed also which we did not place. The bank was very good and did reversal on smaller items. I had started Go-Pro negotiation before informing bank and as things happen I ended up with double credit! I let bank know to correct. Bank very helpful and credited offshore transaction costs as well.
Point is be aware over Christmas buying period and check your accounts daily.

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8 years 5 days ago #515779 by kindajojo
Replied by kindajojo on topic Bank Card Skimming
Yes. Were done as about a month ago purchases in the state petrol mostly but one withdrawal of $800.00 total of $1600.00, bank stopped but there we 11 transactions .....

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8 years 3 days ago #515885 by katieb
Replied by katieb on topic Bank Card Skimming
I had my card maxed out 9yrs ago, bank phoned me before I knew

The lady at the branch I picked my new card up from said it details woud have been randomlly generated using a program that keeps tyring numbers until some work then max the card

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8 years 2 days ago #515890 by Gracelands
Replied by Gracelands on topic Bank Card Skimming
Happened to me too, a couple of years ago. Bank rang me on my home phone on a Sunday morning to ask if I was on holiday in the States. I said obviously not, as I was at home. They quickly cancelled it, and it didn't cost a thing, except for the inconvenience of having no credit card for a few days. I was very impressed with the service.

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7 years 10 months ago #517460 by Organix
Replied by Organix on topic Bank Card Skimming
I had my Visa used for a 940 GBP (NZ$1,900) online purchase from an upmarket jewellery store in the UK last April. The card was cancelled and the charge refunded, three months later which is standard time taken to refund in such cases.

I contacted the UK store where the purchase was made to try to get info on where the 'leak' of our card details had come from but the very helpful lady I spoke to wasn't allowed to devulge much other than that it had been an online purchase. The store's website requires the CCV number (from the back of credit card) which narrowed down the possibilities to places I had also had to use the CCV number for purchases. One of the few places that had required my CCV number was Trade Me and furthermore Trade Me has a check box that is ticked by default for you to agree to them storing your details for future use, and this includes the CCV number which websites are otherwise prohibited from storing for obvious security reasons.

Long story short I now have an additional Visa card with a purposely low spend limit ($1,000) which is only used for online purchases and is the only credit card we use online. We also no longer allow Trade Me to store our credit card details.

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