Dratted staple!

8 years 10 months ago #511755 by Geba
Dratted staple! was created by Geba
Two weeks ago our faithful Asko washer faltered and stopped pumping water out Everything else ran well, but the water refused to leave the machine. I cleared the lint trap, drained the machine, had a few days of peace, then it stopped again. I checked the drain line and today, the pump and sadly concluded that the pump had given up. After wrestling it out of the house and wrestling the replacement one in (and I MEAN wrestling...veryvery heavy and bulky machines) I happened to glance at the drain hose section which went under the sink (it was in two parts) and it seemed a just a little bit too dark in there for comfort, so I went fishing and found - a small size fencing staple, wedged in the drain hose and with just enough lint around it to jam the hose solid.

I retrieved the Asko from the truck (had already been packed for the tip), hauled it back and reconnected it, turned it on then went outside to dance a happy dance around the drain when the water came out.

That was nearly a $400 staple ! I don't know how it got past the coin trap, but I shall issue definite new Household Orders about checking pockets in the future..

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8 years 10 months ago #512364 by Edenview
Replied by Edenview on topic Dratted staple!
Wow that was a lucky save! Washers are tricky things. Feel a bit guilty as the old fella I work for just got a new machine as the old one was to small to wash a pair of King sheets. Found there wasn't the water pressure to fill the new machine and it would turn it's self off before filling. So he got a water pump installed, which some how damaged the old plumbing. $2000 later and the new washer still useless, it un balances every wash and won't spin. The company he got it from have finally agreed to replace it, but what a load of stress for him.

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8 years 10 months ago #512367 by Stikkibeek
Replied by Stikkibeek on topic Dratted staple!
Ha, our Asko wouldn't stop filling. Flushed it all out and still the same problem. Rang technical advice and the guy told me it was most likely a tiny bit of grit wedged in something to do with the water sensor. he quoted a biggish price for someone to look at it. Luckily we moved at that time, and where ever that grit was lodged, moving house was enough to dislodge it and it hasn't been a problem since......except for he who shall not be named leaving, screws, nails, washers, coins, pop rivits and all manner of other engineering or mechanical things in pockets. I clean the trap out a bit more often now.

Did you know, that what you thought I said, was not what I meant :S

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